See this article for a review of hibiscus tea. Yerba maté tea contains an average of 78 milligrams of caffeine per 150 milliliter cup. Overall, yerba mate is a healthy tea option that offers some interesting benefits.Providing it is consumed at a sensible temperature, all the evidence points to yerba mate being a healthy choice.Alongside drinks like matcha green tea, yerba mate is also a great alternative to coffee for those who are looking for something slightly lower in caffeine.Looking for more herbal tea options? 10 Mental & Physical Health Benefits of Yerba Mate 1. Yerba mate is well known for providing an energy boost that’s been... 2. This makes its caffeine content similar to coffee, and means that … Everyone wants to be as smart, productive, focused, and creative as... 3. Yerba mate benefits are certainly plentiful and range from preventing and treating cancer to boosting energy levels in a more balanced way than other caffeine sources. Yerba Mate Boosts Mental Functions of All Kinds Yerba Mate Provides a Smooth Increase in Energy Its consumption has been scientifically proven to do the following:

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