Ralph Hoffmann (1899) reports: "On the 2d of November I found a female Wilson's Blackcap in Belmont [Mass. ### Audio of Wilson’s Warbler provided by The Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Wyoming: Parco, October 18; Laramie, October 16, November 10 and 11. They are far less common in the Caribbean lowlands, than they become above 1,500 feet, and are distinctly uncommon on the Pacific side of Central America below 2,000 feet. California: El Caj on, March 8; San Francisco Bay area, March 12 (average of 22 years, March 24). "Eggs: From 3 to 5 eggs, most often 4, make up the set for the golden pileolated warbler. District of Columbia: Washington, August 22. South Dakota: Faulkton, October 10 and 30. Mackenzie: Mackenzie Delta, May 28. Song is a loud, ringing series of harsh chips dropping in tone and speed toward the end: chi-chi-chi-chi-CHETCHETCHET. [14] Some of these insects include beetles, bees, or caterpillars. The lining may be entirely of fine, thread-like grass shreds, or there may be admixed therewith considerable coarse dog hair. The eggs are apparently indistinguishable from those of Wilson's warbler. Indiana: Monroe County, October 3. The notes are short, staccato, and with marked explosive consonant sounds. The Tolmie often forages out Into the drier chaparral, whereas the present species adheres closely to damp situations, either over boggy ground or else within a few yards of a stream. Blackpoll warbler. Missouri: St. Lou is, and St. Charles, April 29. ~Vest to Guerrero (Chilpancingo) and southern Baja California (San Jos6 del Cabo and La Paz).The range as outlined is for the entire species of which three subspecies are recognized. You have to ask locals exactly where they are and how to get to them but it is worth the effort. The Bent series is a great resource and often includes quotes from early American Ornithologists, including Audubon, Townsend, Wilson, Sutton and many others.Bent Life History for the Wilson's Warbler - the common name and sub-species reflect the nomenclature in use at the time the description was written. Wilson (1832) and Audubon (1941) knew little about Wilson's pileolated warbler. Vermont: Wells River, May 6. [12] The clutch varies from 2 to 7 eggs, which are creamy or off-white with fine reddish spots. "Nesting: Rathbun describes in his notes two nests found near Seattle. Vermont: Clarendon, September 29. With a twitch of its tail, a tiny yellow bird darts out to catch an insect mid-air, then returns to its perch, to pick another from a leaf. Friedmann (1929) does not list the bird, but records the race chry8eola as "a not uncommon victim of the Dwarf Cowbird in southern California." New Jersey: Sandy Hook, October 7; Union County, September 29 (average, September 25) Princeton, December 23. Below, primrose-yellow washed with pale wood-brown on the throat and sides. New York: New York City, October 31, November 22 and 25; Orient Point, Long Island, November 24. [Wilson’s Warbler song, repeated] It’s the tail end of summer, and the Wilson’s Warbler’s had a busy few months. Massachusetts: Lynnfield, August 19. On the more boldly marked eggs the drab tones are quite prominent, whereas on the finely marked eggs they are often absent. [Wilson’s Warbler song] One morning in early autumn, a flash of yellow in a thicket catches your eye. "In the Lassen IPeak region of California, according to Grinnell, Dixon, and Linsdale (1930),"this race of pileolated warbler in sum mer was limited closely to alder and willow thickets bordering ponds, along streams and in and around the edges of moist meadows. At all seasons, it prefers secondary growth, riparian habitats, lakes, montane and boreal forests with overgrown clearcuts. Labrador: Grand Falls, Hamilton River, May 31. Oregon: Eugene area, September 24; Government Island, December 11. Black-throated blue warbler. Alexander F. Skutch (MS.), speaking of the bird in Central America, says: "Among the peculiar foods of the Wilson's warblers in their winter home are the little, white, beadlike protein corpuscles which they daintly pluck from the furry cushions at the bases of the long petioles of the Cecropia tree.

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