Characteristics of the Baroque Flute (traverso) Conical Bore - The flute tapered from the head joint to the foot joint, with some variations at the tenons between pieces of the flute Three or four pieces - the instruments were able to be taken apart for storage, cleaning, etc. Almost fifty traversos made by the English woodwind maker Thomas Stanesby (the younger) have survived. compositions are build in a range including tones above the f three. The history of the flute and flute-playing. It is capable of great nuances of dynamics and flips easily from one register to another, a characteristic that makes much baroque flute music easier on the original than on the modern flute. I base my flute on an original in the collection of the Musée des Instruments de Musiques de Bruxelles. due to the fact, that both instruments were mostly played by the same musician. Unlike Renaissance traversos, making a Baroque flute that plays at a higher or lower pitch than the original by extension or reduction is difficult, due mainly to its conical bore (unless only a minor few hertz are involved). The Dilettanti (detail, 1736) by Cornelius Troost (1697-1750). (His father Johann Christoph Denner is said to have invented the clarinet.) To play fast and in pitch was nearly impossible on this instruments. in tune. a plausible explanation. Around 1715 the flutes were built in four pieces. Tromlitz, a German flautist, was well known at the time as a virtuoso who performed on a keyed flute of his own personal design. Includes information about players, makers, composers, and instruments, from the 10th century to the present day. Almost fifty traversos made by the English woodwind maker. and many other cities began to manufacture flutes as Only a small number of the many woodwinds made by the Hotteterre family survive. Responsible for this height were musicians like the above mentioned Hotteterre, Most of the changes led to as much disadvantages as advantages. [Experiment] replacing the cork in the head joint with a different material, Choosing on the basis of the quality of the material. Flute with corps de rechange (Brussels, ca. in tune. before, was transformed to a conical one in the middle and lower joint in 18th century. One major change of note made since that time is a rescaling of the flute to A=440Hz during the 1960s by an English flute maker named Albert Cooper. Trk 2-3. Three flutes. The result was an even stronger lower register and more solid tuning. Tromlitz, (ca.1700). featured at prestigious concerts in Paris and elsewhere, During the Renaissance, it became fashionable for amateur flute players to practice and play together with what was known as "consort music" in cultured homes. This was about the same length as the previous flute. The baroque flute (traverso, traversière) in D emerged toward the end of the 17th century, apparently the invention of the Hotteterre family of woodwind players/makers in Paris. From todays naming conventions it should be called alto flute. Johann Georg Tromlitz later on. Indeed, up until around the middle of the eighteenth century (the era of Baroque music), the word "flute" was commonly used to describe the recorder. the attempt succeeded and only Famous classical flute players include James Galway, Jeanne Baxtresser, Shri Hariprasad Chaurasia, Taffanel, Gaubert, Marcel Moyse, Michel Debost, Joseph Mariano, Mimi Stillman, Alexa Still and Marian Gedigian. in spite of all technical enhancements the pitch was still bad. It also called for the player to add more individual character to each part. As a result mainly the intonation was enhanced and the gamut was broadened. But if you reduce the diameter of the inner Initially, the Hotteterres made their instruments in three sections: a head joint containing the mouth hole, a middle section containing most of the fingerholes, and a foot joint with the key for the last hole which, unlike most keys on woodwind instruments, actually raised the bottom note of the instrument by a semitone.

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