The specific standards vary from town to town, but any of these characteristics can prohibit the use of a standard gravity-fed septic system. While a traditional septic system that consists of a septic tank, distribution box and leach field is the most economical approach, some sites just do not support this type of system. The perc test is typically paid for by either the buyer or the seller of a property that’s intended to be used for homebuilding. Web/Marketing Solution Developed and Maintained by WSI Pro Marketing. The reasons property can fail the perc test can be numerous but typically include unacceptable soil conditions, a high-water table, a too-small lot or a location near a lake or stream or other environmentally sensitive areas. In general, these systems cost more and many require pumps, alarms, and other components that require more monitoring and maintenance than a standard septic system. ImproveNet can connect you with local professionals who can do a perc test and can answer questions that you have, such as: Remember, it’s best to obtain at least three quotes for services from local professionals. Perc test is short for “soil percolation test.” It will tell you whether a lot can be used as a drain field for a septic sewer system. Any thoughts you might have would be fantastic. Keep in mind that this is no replacement for an official test, but will give you a general idea what you’re working with. Additionally, some say that only health department employees can conduct perc tests. *Tim... thanks for requesting more info. You would have to check with your local health dept or whoever permits septics to determine which alternative types of systems are allowed. In some cases, a more expensive alternative septic system may be allowed. In some cases, the area might be deemed ineligible for a gravity-fed septic system, but there’s a chance that a more intricate system, which is also a bit more expensive, might be allowed. The perc test is a fairly expensive test to conduct because it requires two or more holes to be dug down at least 2 to 3 feet and approximately 6 to 12 inches wide. The high water table is identified visually by looking for “mottling,” splotches or streaks of color in the soil indicating the occasional presence of water. As with all new building technology, however, look at products and systems with a proven track record in the field. It can take some time for the soil scientist or septic engineer to write up his or her report and submit it to the health authorities. For more information, please. By clicking "Continue" and/or continuing to browse this site, you give us and our third party tools permission to place cookies on your browser. Haven't met one yet who could resist helping you. In either of these cases, the lot will probably fail its perc test – at least in that exact spot. Often, approved parties will include a soil scientist or septic engineer. What do you do then? Most evaluations start with a deep hole test dug by machine to well below the bottom of the proposed leach field – often 7 to 10 feet deep or greater. The sand has to meet spec too. The test takes approximately two days to complete to check the draining rate of water that’s put into the hole. The perc test results may have a lot to do with whether you want to buy a lot or how much you pay for it. The test measures how fast water drains into a standard-sized hole in the ground. © If the buyer covers the cost of the perc test, they may be able to work out a credit on the purchase price of the land to offset the out-of-pocket expense. If you already own the lot, your results may decide how much it is worth, and what you can do with it. The 10-in. The perc test is done to check the ability of the area to do this. Address: 472 Main St, Fiskdale, MA 01518 Select a location downhill from your home and fill it with acceptable material. Clearances vary from one town to another so always check with local codes. So, you should keep this in mind while you’re doing your due diligence because it may eliminate the need for a perc test altogether. Don’t be tempted to only look at the price of the service. Southeast Indiana for over 30 years! Not nice but thats what I hear. Is the lot a steep cliff ? Make sure you talk to your town health officer about what tests are needed, when they can be done, and who should perform them. Ultimately the question will be what will and will not be approved by your local regulatory agency. What Type Of Survey Do I Need For My Home? *I do perc test for a living, a simple way to solve this problem, that I have learn the hard way. For example, where I am the Perc tests are valid for 5 years. If a lot fails the perc test, it may be difficult or impossible to get a permit for a septic system. The test must be done if the proposed building site for a new construction home is in a location that can't be connected to the local sewer system. Or if Boards of Health ever even consider alternative septic options? You can put in a mound system without the mound. Also, there must be at least a few feet of good soil from the bottom of the leach pipes to the rock or impervious hardpan below, or to the water table. Conduct this same test in another spot to ensure you have accurate results everywhere. Traditional septic systems only work if the soil in the leach area is sufficiently permeable that it can readily absorb the liquid effluent flowing into it. *I have a beautiful 5.5 acre piece of land in Massachusetts with an area of upland large enough for a one-family home. Sometimes the environmental people will give you options without refrerence to cost or you might not like what they tell you. A couple of years ago, King County WA (not a terribly progressive county) approves a system called a Glendon Biofilter. For example, in a sloping lot, a location on the higher side is more likely to pass. Sandy soil is likely to drain better, improving percolation. Helping you plan your home improvement project, from start to finish. While developers are familiar with perc testing, first-time land buyers may not have thought to do this. This enables you to choose the option you feel is best for your situation. It may be wise to at least have a health official on hand when doing the test to make sure it’s done properly and to record the results. Less commonly, a site can fail because the soil is too permeable, allowing the effluent to reach the groundwater before it is fully treated. They are basically big piles of sand built on the top of the ground with perforated pipe laid in and pumped through the sand. More expensive than a gravity system, but the local jurisdictions won't approve gravity systems, so it's the cheapest alternative otherwise.

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