There are plenty of other resources on the web for information, some of my favorites are: Miscellaneous Pages: Unbelievable recipe! Okay, I’ve gotta try this again, using your step-by-step instructions. If you absolutely cannot find short grain sushi rice, some medium grain varieties such as Calrose rice can be used. I’m hoping it helps my mediocre sushi-making skills :). In the US, CalRose is the best possible alternative to sushi rice. This is a fantastic post! It will not be quite as authentic as using short grain rice, but it is fine if you are in a pinch. :) [i’ll eat it if you invite me, though!! Curious – what’s your favorite place to buy sushi in So Cal?! This is how I learned to make sushi rice while living in Japan. The most glutinous Japanese rice is great for other Japanese dishes, but is simply too clumpy and sticky when cooked to be perfect for sushi. Joanna @ Stoveless. My favorite that I’ve personally used is, It is best to mix the seasoned vinegar with the cooked rice  in a, 3 cups cooked rice: use 1/4 – 1/3 cup sushi-su, 4 cups cooked rice: use 1/2 – 2/3 cup sushi-su, 5 cups cooked rice: use 2/3 – 1 cup sushi-su. Instead, the sushi rice is the same short to medium grain Koshihikari variety. From the little that I researched there didn't seem to be a real difference between sticky rice and calrose rice so I've mostly just been buying calrose rice since it's cheaper for me to buy. I am loving all of your sushi-related posts. I use Redmond 4500. Thanks for sharing the secret of making sushi-su and sushi rice :). Calrose rice s a short grain rice while Jasmine rice is a long grain rice. Discard the piece of kombu. Once you make your own, you can adjust the sugar to suit your personal taste! Why Calrose Rice Works as Sushi Rice. My son is a japonaphile, but we’ve never successfully made decent sushi, even after buying good rice at Uwajimaya. Thanks for the tips! While Westerners call this rice “sushi rice”, Japanese people simply know it as rice! Right now I’m using it as pie weights for baking crusts but I wonder if there is a way to cook it successfully? Some recipes also through in a small piece of kombu, which adds more depth of flavor, but this is optional. Actually, this is the way I learned to make sushi rice during my years living in Japan. Help! I was just wanting to know how to make sushi rice…! © 2020 No, no, no! Medium-grain rice such as Calrose rice is mainly grown in upland and dry areas in places like America and Australia. The rice you have is probably the kind that is usually used for Thai dishes, like the sticky rice with mango dessert. Japanese rice, I just bought stuff to make tempura roll. [K], Thank you for posting this! I prefer my sushi-su to be not as sweet as some. New from Sushibaren Malmö – smoked trout with sake-apple compote, Sushibaren Malmö roll of the week. While not true Japanese rice, Calrose-type rice has been grown by Japanese American producers in California for many years. I usually just pour rice vinegar in the rice and toss it, but this sounds like a great recipe. At last, we seem to be quite a few supporting the Japanese gastronomy the right way! If you absolutely cannot find short grain sushi rice, some medium grain varieties such as Calrose rice can be used. Ihave trouble with the rice…I hope this helps me out. Please participate in my giveaway at There are some exceptions. That rice looks wonderful! In another test last month, the Japan Cooked Rice Association, an organization consisting of companies supplying cooked rice for ready-made meals and foodservice, tested Calrose at their own initiative.USA Rice facilitated the supply of rice for the latest test from the 2016 crop where Calrose was compared to Haenuki, the Japanese origin rice most often used for sushi in foodservice. Calrose was once a much sought-after variety in parts of Asia, where it was considered exotic. | ketisushi, The Missing Lokness | Spicy Tuna Rice Bowl, 10 Sensational Sushi Dinner Recipes You Can DIY - The Recipe Daily, Cooking Sushi Rice | clean green students, A Weekend in the Woods—Camp Blogaway May 2010. Get smart with the Thesis WordPress Theme from DIYthemes. This is not the case for sushi. Keep them coming! 2. Sushi is on my list of things to try this year and I have bookmarked this for reference!!! That and use less water when steaming the rice! Cheers and all that! I’m a huge fan of sushi so I’m going to have to try out your tips and tricks! Your email address will not be published. On the other hand, long-grain rice like Indica is not sticky enough and cannot be used for sushi rice. Yellowtail with with sake poached chanterelles and grilled asparagus. After cooking, Calrose rice grains hold flavor well, and are soft and stick together, making it good for use in sushi.

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