Available from: http://www.aavmc.org/About-AAVMC/Public-Data.aspx. Ken has spent nearly 20 years in practice. Veterinary technicians administer anesthesia, monitor surgical recovery, provide nursing care to patients, perform dental prophylaxis, and more; however, when the the specialized functions nurses serve are taken into account, the similarities of the two professions outweigh the differences. Loretta Ford and Henry Silver established the first NP training program in 1965, which then led to the emergence of similar programs nationwide.3 While there was strong opposition to the establishment of the profession from both nursing and physician communities, NPs were able to document increased availability of primary care, satisfaction of both nurses and physicians in collaborating, and equal competency and patient outcomes when compared with physicians through a series of published articles and studies. aBrian Stuckey, DVM. Dr. Brian Stuckey, a practice owner in Texas, states there are needs unmet by VTs even though he uses his credentialed VTs to the maximum allowable by law. Drugs and therapeutic goods legislation. In Australia the Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse is the minimum qualification for a person who is to provide competent support to a Veterinary Practice. In the event that complications arise, the VT requires the veterinarian’s approval for interventions to stabilize the patient. In 2016, 6667 highly competitive candidates applied for admission to US and international Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges member institutions, with only 4227 accepted as first-year veterinary students.2 If this trend continues, more than 2000 highly qualified candidates will be denied a path to a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine each year. The University of Missouri program is the first of its kind to target credentialed technicians and provide an advanced educational pathway geared toward career advancement opportunities. Vet Rec 2010;166:388-397. Production-animal veterinarian shortage: a rural case study of West Virginia. As the national credentialing initiative put forth by NAVTA to standardize credentialing requirements and uniting veterinary technicians under one title progresses, the path in which veterinary technicians become more effective in driving better patient care, veterinary team function, and protection of the veterinary care consumer should be considered, with MLVPs a worthy concept to explore. More than 850 credentialed VTSs have become certified through a rigorous application and examination process, with the majority practicing within the United States. The following is a summary of the key jobs undertaken by Veterinary Care Assistants in practice with notes on the legislative aspects that are important. 2013. https://www.avma.org/KB/Resources/Reports/Documents/WAG-report_Workforce-Implicatn-Recommend_2013.pdf. Lancing a cat’s abscess or creating an incision for esophagostomy tube placement with a surgical blade can be considered surgery. She will explore the impact of the new Royal Charter, which formally makes veterinary Similar to the processes NPs and PAs went through to become established, related concerns and opposition are likely to surface. Quality and financial impact of adding nurse practitioners to inpatient care teams. Could these individuals be MLVP candidates, and should this role exist? One example of this advantage would be MLVPs performing wellness examinations while the veterinarian performs surgeries, reducing the revenue lost by blocking off examination time. From the perspective of VTs, the one misconception to dispel is that VTs are already performing the roles of MLVPs—this would be in violation of legislation. The role of reflective practice in professional development Samantha J Fontaine Sunday, September 2, 2018 Reflective practice (RP) is a process of critical evaluation and self-assessment whereby one deeply explores an event in order to learn from experiences, and consequently undertakes a change in perception or behaviour.

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