Na análise e interpretação dos dados, utilizou-se a técnica Discurso do Sujeito Coletivo (DSC). O discurso dos agricultores revelou que têm conhecimento sobre a tecnologia, pois aplicam técnicas de utilização da água que estão em consonância com as restrições hídricas locais. Research on sorghum improvement through induced mutations has been conducted at the Center for the Application of Isotope and Radiation Technology, National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN). 0000002900 00000 n Male heads had a higher perception of having increased cattle feed intake and decreased mortality than female heads suggesting that the former had better control and access to animal feed and health resources. Proximate, mineral and antinutritional composition of millet cobs were assessed. 7055, IS 9985, IS 8743, Segaolane). 0000001669 00000 n According to FAO statistics [3], the world production of millets was 26.7 million metric tons from 33.6 million hectare. 20067. 50297, T-SS-47, IS 7943, IS 2328, IS 12611, IS 1755, M 36082, E Knowing the sorghum nutritional diversity would have a direct impact on the improvement of sorghum for quality breeding and for food product development to reduce the prevalence of food insecurity, malnutrition, and mineral deficiency, especially for those low-income communities. Young farmers had a greater perception of experiencing decreases in cattle water supply than adults implying that they lacked experience required to cope with water scarcity. They can work well in replacement heifer rations, but will require additional energy for lactation cows. 2. Sorghum grain is known for its hardness compared to other food grains. farmers, traders, and the urban consumers, should be made 0000009329 00000 n INTRODUCTION. Finally, it is concluded the need continues the technical advisory services to farmers with a view to a better understanding of this and other technologies. This suggests that such Asia produced 22.9 million metric tons of millet, while Africa produced 20.6 million metric tons of millet in 2009, ... Millet accounts for 5% of the world cereal production when compared to wheat, rice, maize and barley in terms of production and plantation [5]. 0000029724 00000 n Sorghum Grain Nutritional Information Nutrient Unit Value per 100 g Value per 1 cup Proximates Water g 12.40 23.81 Energy kcal 329 632 Protein g 10.62 20.39 Total Lipid (fat) g 3.46 6.64 Carbohydrate, by difference g 72.09 138.41 Fiber, total dietary ag 6.7 12.9 Sugars, total g 2.53 4.86 Antinutritional analyses in mg/g showed the presence of phytate, saponin and tannin. 0000011320 00000 n 0000000956 00000 n H�l��n7���z�)RҶN�M4h���iz��:~�?Ii|�f�����/����K���(�x.������� ������+��$5���˥�x��j�1s�#U陸�M�WJ_?��?�>��{���?�u��O%}��)���堒[��+�:[�f�3 ɳw3�k�r�, �j".�L�CNÉ������s��͖[%��PjtO��<6W�/�`�8-#Ff. Forage sorghum, sorghum-sudan and pearl millet require less water than corn silage and can be used for producing forage when water is limited because of drought or water restrictions. 35-1, IS 138, IS 158, IS 2317, IS 8743, WS 1297, IS 7035, IS 0000004839 00000 n Lack of other micronutrients may also limit production in some situations. These yields were significantly higher than the original parent Durra (3.50 t/ha) and the control check varieties UPCA (2.68 t/ha) and Higari (3.75 t/ha). 198 0 obj <>stream �����2.���� L� Total dietary fiber values for other types of sorghum range from 8.8 to 11.1 g/100g. Many crops are cultivated for food and fodder. PDF | Many crops are cultivated for food and fodder. Through selection processes and direct screening for drought tolerance, a number of ten putative mutant lines were obtained. nutrItIon anD FertIlIser 1 seCtIon 5 SORGHUM fi- fl- February 2017 nutrition and fertiliser A balance of soil nutrients is essential for profitable yields. Para a pesquisa, foi aplicado um questionário à 5 agricultores beneficiados por Cisternas Calçadão, residentes nos municípios pernambucanos de Cumaru e São Caitano. Actual daily nutrient requirements might be different based on your age, gender, level of physical activity, medical history and other factors. 0000074546 00000 n More educated household heads had a higher perception of experiencing decreased tick loads and increased cattle sales than less educated household heads as they are posited to have increased knowledge of parasite control and understanding of market dynamics and expected to make better marketing decisions. 0000017134 00000 n 0000001555 00000 n or quality. 0000008388 00000 n Nutrition facts for Sorghum grain, recommended daily values and analysis. A total of 182 structured, These comparative studies based on four Nitrogen (N) and potassium (K) are nutrients required in the greatest quantities followed by sulphur (S), phosphorus (P), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). 0000027674 00000 n Zinc showed the lowest mineral concentration out of the minerals assayed with a value of 0.15 ± 0.01 while potassium exhibited the highest mineral concentration with 47.27 ± 0.33.Saponin (mg/g) was observed to be the highest anti-nutrient (102.90 ± 0.55), while tannin (mg/g) was the lowest (1.31 ± 0.01).

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