was it in the main campground or further afield? Thanks for the comment – glad you found it useful, Hi Aaron Thanks for the comment – I am glad you like the site. A quick question on the campsites south of Sandy Cape. I wouldn’t be driving around Sandy Cape without a 4WD; some of the tracks are very soft. We’ve only seen them fairly friendly, and were brushing them away like flies without any risk of being stung, but you never know! Great website! We have a Nissan xtrail and she goes very well on any sand however clearance can sometimes be an issue-are the dunes very larg? I am a bit of a beginner at beach fishing or even fishing as a whole, can you give me some tips? Cheers Chris. It’s unfortunate about the rain, but I am sure you will be back when the weather is better. out and we made the most of it. It's relatively close to town so every morning I could still grab my cafe-sourced morning coffee in less time than it takes for me to start my own billy tea. Particularly heading north the tracks can be quite soft, and you don’t want to be the one bogged on a narrow track, while others wait for you to let your tyres down. (6 meters long and quite wide). Camping right on the beach at Sandy Cape, south of the main camp ground. Bookings are not possible, and it works on a first come, first serve basis. Very solid post. Thanks for your blog. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. North Head In The Back Ground. Can you tell me how far off the Indian Ocean Road to the campsite, is it a dirt or bitumen road and how many nights are you allowed to stay? Thanks for the tip on area. You can see plenty on the way to Jurien Bay, but it depends on how much time you have. The Pinnacles at Cervantes are great, as well as the lake and several points. Rav 4’s are fine in most cases – I have seen them on some soft beaches in Perth, but they lack clearance, which is where you could get caught out. Just brought me down to Very good. My personal interpretation of the wind and waves… Our first night was spent at Sandy Cape. It’s important to let your tyres down to avoid punctures on the limestone, and so you don’t get stuck. A lot of people take their boat to this great location, but they are usually small, or they come up from Jurien Bay. Seat Covers; are you looking after your 4WD’s interior? I have been told it goes for about 9km and there are some nice camping spots along that stretch? Love your info, will be showing this to my hubby when he comes home on break. We had a big camp set up but had an awesome view of the island and the point. Sandy Cape and North Head Track conditions and difficulty. Please choose a different date. Sandy Cape isn’t really the place to take a boat like that. If you want to head north or south of the main camp grounds, you will need a 4WD, and you will need to let your tyres down. No problem. Cheers. As much as I would love to take credit for letting everyone know about what a great place Sandy Cape is, I can’t. Thanks in advance and keep up the great work on the site! The beaches are brilliant, clear and a great place to laze the day away. After a tough first night of it blowing a gale we moved to a campsite with friends south of the info stand. Each of the sites are spacious and toilets are available. In fairness, the camping area is well set out and includes ablution facilities, BBQ and picnic areas and dump point. Sandy Cape is an awesome little spot to spend a few days! Me and some friends were thinking of going up there this Easter. If you had a boat for there, you would want something under 16 foot and aluminium. As far as I know the only way to ‘book’ is to be there in person. If you want more campsites, check out 60 of the best campsites near Perth. Car traffic a bit annoying as cars allowed on beach. I caught a heap of skippy and herring one night – the fishing is pretty good! I honestly don’t know the answer to that question. The point was best for fishing especially at dusk. Download the Recfishwest app, and make sure you are in the clear to wet a line. I believe there are a few tracks going north, however you are only allowed to camp within the Sandy Cape Recreational Park. Do you care shooting me your email? The tracks aren’t too bad, but they can be tight – you will scratch your a reasonable sized four wheel drive; I guess it depends on the width of your caravan. you write beautifully…and your page presents so well.. We went camping at Sandy Cape over the weekend and found a beautiful secluded spot to camp with our beloved pooch…we loved it! Or are there designated spots to setup? What are your thoughts? Looking down the main beach at Sandy Cape. Toilets at campsite. Kia went sweet on the beach, mind you I had tyres down to about 16psi. Sandy Cape Campsite Notes: Road to the campsite may be rough but is now partly sealed. It's a comfortable driving distance from the city so we could catch brunch in comfort at home before heading outdoor. The last few months have been pretty busy and we have missed just hitting the road in the camper and kicking back.

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