Also, when he switched to the Standard model, it was still too firm and thick for stomach sleeping. Who Might Like the Purple Harmony Pillow? Inside the pillow is a ventilated piece of Talalay latex, which means the pillow has a lot of resilience and bounce to it. Thanks to its latex core, the Purple Harmony Pillow is extremely responsive. More likely than not, petite stomach sleepers may find the Standard size slightly too supportive but that’s the beauty of the 100-night trial – there’s a chance to test it out. I had brain surgery 5 months ago, and have struggled so much since then with sleep. This provides a level of adjustment and customization that means it will work for virtually all sleep positions. It’s the pillow … The Hyper-elastic Polymer gel is heavy but the thinner layer here prohibits this pillow from getting too heavy. Average sized stomach and back sleepers should look to the Standard option while side sleepers will want to go with the Tall. They both offer three options, and the Purple Harmony Pillow and the signature Casper Pillow stand pretty far apart in terms of construction and overall feel. Home » Pillow Reviews » Purple Harmony Pillow Review. Katie manages the day to day operations of the Mattress Clarity news site and reviews sleep products in addition to writing and editing sleep news.She hails from Austin, where she lives with her growing family. This time it’s featured in the removable cover, while the core is a solid piece of latex foam. The following two tabs change content below. At the same time, you also get your exercise in moving it from each location! Pillow Ultra DurableThe Purple Grid is ultra durable, keeps its shape night after night, and is ready to take on all the naps that will come its way. This gives the pillow a soft feel but definitely more of a performance-like fabric. The Purple Harmony Pillow is made in the USA and comes with free shipping in addition to the 100-night sleep trial and 1-year warranty. It’s also satisfyingly stretchy, making it a blast for kids to play with! With the adjustable extensions on either side of the pillow, you get to choose if you want a softer or firmer pillow. Combined with the hypoallergenic Talalay Latex Core and a moisture-wicking cooling cover, the Harmony Pillow provides just the right amount of soft support your sleepy head has been dreaming about. The Standard size weighs 4.5 lbs, while the Tall weighs just about a pound more, at 5.4 lbs. Any time I spend the night away from home, whether it's at a hotel or a friends house I always take my pillow with me. The Purple Hex Grid is made with the same Hyper-Elastic Polymer that can be found in the core of the original Purple pillow. This means that as soon as someone lifts his or her head or his or her hand off of the pillow, it immediately regains its shape. As long as the cover is not torn or left uncleaned, the pillow should last for years. I ordered the pillow and loved it so much, I ordered another. My head and neck positioning is perfect. Casper’s signature pillow costs $65 for a Standard and $85 for a King at full price; Purple Harmony is $159 at full price for either size option. It’s one thing to read about a pillow but our in-depth video will give sleepers a detailed look at the pillow, including how it really looks and feels in various sleeping positions. The adjustable, cool, and oh-so-huggable Purple® Plush Pillow is comfier than sleeping on a cloud. Underneath that Breeze Mesh, sleepers will be able to not only feel but also see the honeycomb-shape of the Purple Grid Hex technology. The Purple Harmony Pillow does sleep on the cooler side. It’s essentially a thinner layer of this proprietary hyper-elastic polymer that’s incorporated into the cover of the pillow but doesn’t give the pillow an entire Purple Grid feel like the Original Purple Pillow does. When he was side sleeping, the Tall model of the Purple Harmony was supportive. We always recommend following the pillow’s care instructions as carefully as possible to ensure that the pillow is performing as it should and the pillow’s warranty does not become void. Once medical bills are paid, I'll be getting the mattress!!! The soft hexagon-shaped air channels optimize the dynamic response and airflow for unbelievable comfort. The Purple Harmony Pillow is touted as being the best balance of coolness, softness and responsiveness. Plus infused copper, so you’re sleeping cool in comfort. Purple currently offers three main mattresses, the Purple, Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premiere. We’ve designed a special, extra-soft formulation of the Purple Grid, and made a pillow that’s smaller and lighter so your kid can get the great sleep and comfort they deserve. The Purple Harmony Pillow is far from firm. We wouldn’t go so far as to call it a “cooling” pillow but the Breeze Mesh and the ventilated foam core keep air flowing within the pillow and stop heat from getting trapped. Ultra Durable Kid PillowThe Purple Grid is ultra durable, keeping its shape night after night. Without a doubt, there’s a strong connection to latex foam pillows because the ventilated core is 100% Talalay latex. Polymer never felt so good. Is Purple's new high-tech Harmony Pillow as amazing as promised? Let’s see how the Purple Harmony stacks up against other Purple Pillows and some of the other most popular pillows on the market today. The core is simply a solid piece of hypoallergenic ventilated Talalay latex foam. Marten also had an opportunity to experience the feel of the Purple Harmony Pillow in all three sleep positions. There are minimal similarities between these two, even the covers are made with different materials (Breeze Mesh for Purple and 100% Supima cotton for Casper). In this Purple Harmony Pillow review, we’ll cover what the pillows feel like and who is it going to work for. Surrounding the latex foam is Purple’s “360° Purple Grid Hex” for added cushion and support, and this is where the Purple Harmony Pillow … I can finally sleep without tossing and turning or waking up with an even more painful neck. In this case, the latex core should be spot cleaned only – please avoid putting the foam in the washing machine. This, combined with the Purple Grid Hex layer, makes for a really nice contouring overall feel. I am very picky about pillows, and I have always stayed away from overly fluffy ones that give me a neckache!! One’s head will certainly still sink into this pillow but it won’t be the same slow, quick-sand like feel that memory foam is. Purple is an extremely popular mattress brand that is known for incorporating its proprietary Purple Grid. The Purple Harmony pillow combines a solid and bouncy feel - thanks to its ventilated latex core - with the squishy nature of the Hex Grid that's made with the brand's Hyper-Elastic Polymer. Find out which one may be best for you. The Purple Harmony doesn’t leave out Purple’s signature Smart Grid material but this time instead of being the focus of the pillow’s core – like in the signature Purple Pillow – it’s incorporated into the Breeze Mesh cover. Here’s our recommendation for each pillow based on primary sleep position: Purple and Casper are stiff competitors in the mattress world, so why would it be any different in the world of pillows? The Purple Harmony pillow is made up a Breeze Mesh cover with the Purple Gelux Hex Grid and a solid core of ventilated Talalay Latex inside. The original Purple mattress launched a new kind of bed-in-a-box: one with unique materials and…, Memory foam is more popular today than ever – just scanning the Internet for memory…, Since its inception in 2014, Casper has taken the bed in a box market by…. Let’s break down their details: Casper’s original pillow focuses on its “pillow-in-a-pillow” design, where a smaller firmer inner pillow can be found inside the outer pillow, which also acts as the pillow’s cover. The Tall option is slightly longer and 1-inch taller than the Standard option; both pillows are quite tall at 6.5″ and 7.5″ in height. The pillow comes in Standard and Tall sizes, which differ in dimensions but remain the same in terms of price and trial period offered. With the Purple™ Hex, get total head and neck support and absolute airflow so you’re always on the cool side of the pillow. See if Nectar is as sweet as everyone is saying. The Standard size is 26″ x 17″ x 6.5″ and the Tall size is 28″ x 17″ x 7.5″. There is some off-gassing in this pillow, although it is minimal. Whether you are looking to buy a mattress, sheets, or a pillow, or you just want to sleep better, we are here to help. Her work can be found in print and online publications like Discover Magazine, USA Today and The Huffington Post. However, the cover can be removed and machine washed cold, separately and lay flat to dry (which may require some extra time, depending on ventilation). Just like the signature Purple pillow, the Purple Harmony has some of the company’s proprietary Purple Grid Hex technology in it. Other Considerations. Extra Soft and SupportiveThe Purple Grid™ is reformulated specifically for kids, providing them the right amount of soft, No Pressure Support™ while gently cradling their neck and noggin. I wake up feeling rested with no neck pain now. Insane comfort at an insanely affordable price. The Purple Harmony Pillow is virtually silent and odorless, so the only sense you should experience is the luxurious feel.

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