Pre-Crisis Superman story recommendations, All users, both new and returning, are expected to follow. Still Pre Crisis. I am not understanding you? Post-crisis Superman has enough outliers to beat just about any character. While the other SA superman already is flying with 13 planets wondering if he should pick up some more due to these balloon weight planets. There is not a single thing in the feat that translated to multiversal. However it may be used as is to create a blast of cold air with EV equal to APs of Ice Production. SUPERMAN’s COSTUME [BODY 35, Flame Immunity: 25, Cold Immunity: 25, /BODY/ 12, Stretching: 09, Sealed Systems: 09, Storage Capacity: 05, Storage Capacity: 0]. Surviving a massive explosion that covered half of supertown and the universal black hole feat to name a few. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our use of cookies – explained on our cookies info page. You can learn more with the FAQ. This is why this thread isn't actually a good battle. Phantom Zone Projector [BODY: 25, Dimension Travel: 25]. Adaptation: 30, Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent: 15, Attraction/Repulsion: 20, Storage Capacity: 20, Digging: 12, Cold Immunity: 30, Extended Hearing: 15, Flame Immunity: 30, Flight: 45, Heat Vision: 30, Hypnotism: 08, Ice Production: 12, Invulnerability: 50, Microscopic Vision: 15, Recall: 30, Sealed Systems: 50, Solar Sustenance: 50, Sonic Beam: 04, Super Breath: 20, Super Hearing: 15, Superspeed: 25, Super Ventriloquism: 15, Suspension: 12, Systemic Antidote: 20, Telescopic Vision: 75, Thermal Vision: 15, Transmutation: 18, X-Ray Vision: 30, Skills: The rocket landed nearby a truck traveling through Kansas. Attraction/Repulsion represents his Superbreath’s ability to attract as well as repel. This is disrespectful. Glasses [BODY 01] ; Kryptonian Glass Lenses [BODY 25]. Like Surviving two galaxy sized+ planets hitting him, absorbing enough anti sunlight (energy that hurts him) to vaporize half a galaxy, Surviving a massive explosion that covered half of supertown and the universal black hole feat to name a few. He can be portrayed as larger than life, or all too human, but without his characteristic inability to give up he would not be Superman. Adaptation may only be used to adapt other character’s powers which are based on a power that Superman possesses. Requesting a lock please. You already tagged the mods. Now, show me some of those "outliers for Post-crisis Superman". (2) Superman always pulls his punch, never using more than 10 APs of STR against a human opponent, and never more than 18 APs against most super-tough opponents, until and unless he realizes that he is fighting an opponent of equal abilities. @socajunkie: Yeah, I think this could be an interesting match up if you used his mid-showings. And arguably it is also disrespectful you have found a way to make something debatable which is actually not. He has access to all feats above solar system level. CLARK KENT CLOTHES [BODY 01, Flame Immunity: 15, Shrinking: 08]. For example, a plastic bag would have this power, as would any object with a pouch or a pocket. consistently both characters are always just as strong as the plot needs them to be lol. Dangerous Zombie!" Again, first edition scale. Do not panic. Back then fans will claim you are stating superman strength is unlimited. @kirkseven: Seems pointless. That being said. Superman is first among heroes for a good reason. Fortunately, it does not grow under Earth’s yellow sun. Danger! But was he able to travel to other universes or alternate timelines as well purely using his own power? He is so much more powerful than post-crisis Superman and consistency is to be an important part of a debate. First prove inconsistency. Pre-crisis Superman makes this a mismatch. To save Kal-El’s life, Jor-El constructed a rocket and sent him to Earth in it. I actually think this is a really cool/interesting thread btw. Why does it bother you so much? If he moves counterclockwise, he will travel into the past. Kamen Rider Gemn, Welcome or welcome back! Giving a bad thread to validate your thread is not justifying it. With his great abilities he has always used them responsibly to save lives and prevent injustice. Even the outliers won't help him. It differs from STR in that Storage Capacity allows one to hold fluid and/or awkwardly shaped objects. He's done things like surviving universal black holes crushing him for instance. But thats about it, his striking is not on that level. You may have to register Post-crisis Superman or either of the other character vs him make this a spite thread. - Use outlier feats for Post Crisis Superman only. At the end of any adventure in which Superman holds back in this way, he earns an extra Standard Award.

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