Students study news and online, social and participatory media in depth and learn about how media language is used to construct representations and meaning in a variety of set media products. These codes can broadly be divided in to proairetic, symbolic, hermeneutic, referential, and so on. * Indicates inclusion of synoptic assessment. Media studies interrogates the media’s role in society, culture, politics and the economy. Media Studies is a recommended subject if you are thinking of a Media related career, such as Social Media Management, Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations, Writing, Marketing, P.R. The nature of Media Studies means that students are introduced to a very broad range of ideas. Students study nine media forms and associated set products using a theoretical framework covering media language, media representations, media industries and media audiences. Media Studies – Media Studies A Level. In the A1 year, students study how social representations are created in film and television texts and carry out case studies of the relationships between institutions and audiences in the UK and US film industries. Financial support is available to those who are eligible, you can find out more in the College Life section of our website. Additional documentation may be requested if needed. AQA A-Level Media Studies is taught within the two-year A-Level programme. The media plays a central role in contemporary culture, society and politics, shaping our perceptions of the world. Prepare for your teaching year. Each project is assessed as a portfolio of work. © AQA 2020, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Students are encouraged to apply during the first application period after meeting eligibility requirements. Progression; 5. They also consider the social, cultural, economic, political and historical contexts of media products. The content of the two-year course is underpinned by a set of key media concepts: Media language; Media representation; Students create a cross-media product for an intended audience in response to a set brief. Beginning in spring 2021, you must have earned a B- or better in Media Studies 10 (or equivalent). var year = today.getFullYear() We’ve refreshed our AS and A-level Media Studies specifications with relevant, contemporary content. GCSE grade 5 in English language or English literature. Media studies focuses on key issues and debates in relation to language, representation, the media industry and audiences. 8am–4pm Monday to Friday In order to explore the topics at A level, a range of critical and analytical frameworks will be employed to evaluate the way that the media is constructed and operates. Media Studies Application Packet – Fall 2020There are two application periods in fall 2020. The AS and A-level courses are fully co-teachable. Past papers, mark schemes and example answers. Core courses–Media Studies 111/112/113–are to be taken after Media Studies 10 has been completed. a vast and eclectic subject area which includes studying media disciplines ranging from hundreds of years ago to the ultra-contemporary sub-sectors Applications to the major are accepted in the fall and spring semesters, not during the summer. Changes to 2021 exams for GCSE, AS and A-level Media Studies, The customer support team. Content overview. If you have not fulfilled these requirements, you are not eligible to apply. Students who wish to re-take the non-exam assessment component must undertake the brief set for the year of assessment. Two further in-depth studies allow them to consider the relationship between online and offline news products. Specification overview Leaner take all Components 1, 2 and 3 to be awarded the OCR A Level in Media Studies. Application packets are available on the Media Studies home page and on the bulletin board outside the Media Studies office, 239 Evans Hall. They include more explicit and detailed content, highlighting the key concepts, ideas and theories, so that you’re clear on what you need to teach. * PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in Spring 2021, students must earn a B- or better in Media Studies 10. Focusing on communication processes and their impact on the lives of the individual, we explore a range of media platforms such as television, music videos, the radio, advertising, newspapers, the internet and video games. However, you will also develop transferable skills that can help with jobs such as, recruitment, reception and curation as well as delivering presentations. Essay writing forms an essential part of the course and the academic and specialised skills gained on the course are intended to be transferable through to further studies or employment. Students also consider the media language, representations and messages and values communicated by long-form television drama and how these dramas are produced and consumed globally. We’ve designed our assessments to give all students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and practical skills. Appeal applications are reviewed by the faculty. "Squillions of pounds and a wealth of experience on the teaching side. You will study in detail the issue of representation and how this relates to audience. Students with a particular interest and aptitude for filmmaking are encouraged to apply for the Hurtwood Film Academy, which offers a select group advanced training in fiction and documentary film production, undertaking a variety of film projects across the three term course. Students who wish to retake the non-exam assessment component must undertake the brief set for the year of assessment. This document consists of 28 pages SPECIMEN. MAXIMUM MARK 70. There is an in-depth study of how news is presented, looking at print media as well as the increasing influence of online sources of news (both official and unofficial). Through building an understanding of the complex relationships between media products, their audiences and their institutional contexts, we study some of the key debates around the power of media texts; in addition, quality training in media production encourages students to learn how to express themselves as media producers in their own right. *PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in Fall 2020, all students planning to declare the Media Studies major MUST complete Media Studies 10 or N10 at UC Berkeley. A Level Media Studies students can go on to study the subject in a practical or theoretical capacity at university which could lead to a career in the Media or Film industries. They also consider the social, cultural, economic, political and historical contexts of media products. They include more explicit and detailed content, highlighting the key concepts, ideas and theories, so that you’re clear on what you need to teach.

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