The GeForce GTX 1650 GPU inside the Yoga C940 (15-inch) played the racing game Dirt 3 at a buttery-smooth 167 frames per second, or three times the rate of the Yoga C940's Intel Iris Plus graphics (55 fps). Another advantage of the 15-inch model is that it has a full number pad on the right side. But, if you feel you need even more, Best Buy is also offering a discount that brings a model with 16GB of RAM and a 4K display down to $1,199. One of the chief things holding the Yoga C940 back was the price, though. Why? You'd think Lenovo could outfit the 15-inch Yoga C940 with a larger touchpad, but the same 4.1 x 2.8-inch surface is found on both models. Lenovo currently has an excellent deal on the 15.6-inch Yoga C940. The singer's voice was more forward and a bit more detailed on the 14-inch laptop. TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. As a reminder, H-series chips offer faster performance than U-series processors but have a higher TDP (thermal design power). And if you're not in the US, we included some Lenovo Yoga C940 deals down below, no matter where you are. Currently PSREF only covers commercial products (Think products and Lenovo V series) launching in EMEA, Think products launching in United States, and web publish models of consumer products launching in United States and Canada. The 14-inch version also had a warmer presentation, which was obvious when I listened to Sampha's "(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano." and may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. There is also a beastly Core i9 model with 2TB of RAM but it will cost you — sit down for this — $2,029. Information on this web site may be changed or updated without notice. This was a very close battle, but the 14-inch Yoga C940 is the better of the two rival siblings. Lenovo's Yoga C940 is a slightly larger and more beautiful 2-in-1 laptop. Both laptops have large scalloped keys, which conform to the shape of your fingertips. With an Intel Core i7-9750H CPU and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU, the 15-inch Yoga C940 delivers faster performance than its smaller sibling. The two 1080p panels are similarly sharp, even though the smaller display technically has a higher pixel density. Compared with the 15.6-inch model, the 14-inch Yoga C940 has longer battery life and the same port selection despite being considerably more portable. The more portable Yoga C940 lasted for 11 hours and 46 minutes on our battery test, which involves continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits of brightness. A bigger problem is how difficult the stylus is to remove from its respective slots — I had to jam my nonexistent fingernails in the garage to pry the pen out. Another $300 upgrades you to a 14-inch, 4K panel and 16GB of RAM, while the priciest version goes for $2,069 and upgrades storage to a whopping 2TB. You will receive a verification email shortly. The larger, 15.6-inch, 1080p panel had a slightly warmer white balance than the 14-inch, 1080p display when I placed them side by side and viewed a trailer for Sometimes Always Never. Best Black Friday 2020 deals at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and more, Wow! It's not just a basic touchscreen tablet though. Unfortunately, the keys are quite shallow, especially those on the 14-inch version. Starting with the 15-inch version, on the right side is a single USB 3.1 Type-A port next to a power button. a model with 16GB of RAM and a 4K display down to $1,199, PS5 stock: Sony says 'absolutely everything is sold' as supply slows to a trickle, Where to buy PS5: Walmart restocks and the latest UK stock, More PS5 stock promised as Sony confirms its biggest console launch ever, With cyberattacks through the roof, endpoint protection is more important than ever, Black Friday, l'occasione giusta per passare a un Chromebook, Sony WH-1000XM4, le migliori cuffie del mondo a un prezzo mai visto, 5 amazing Black Friday gaming accessory deals from Currys PC World. Laptop Mag is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. At the heart of the Lenovo Yoga C940's experience is its display. That said, there are a lot of things I like about the stylus, like how it recharges when docked in the chassis and its 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity. Using the Yoga C940 15-inch, I typed at 124 words per minute with an accuracy of 98% on the typing test. You'd think Lenovo would put more ports in the 15-inch Yoga C940, given the extra space on its thicker chassis. These two laptops are similar in a lot of ways — they flaunt a matching aesthetic, similar keyboards and even the same ports. Our review units flaunt a sophisticated Iron Gray (dark gray) color or you can choose a Mica (silver/gold tone) model. Please refresh the page and try again. There was a problem. Now, the Lenovo Yoga C940 fits nicely into the sub-$1,000 price point while offering plenty of performance and handy perks that you won't find on a lot of its competition. The 15-inch Yoga C940 with a Core i7-9750H CPU and 16GB of RAM scored a 21,825 on the Geekbench 4.3 overall performance test, topping the 14-inch Yoga C940 (18,673) by a wide margin. For $1,197, you can get a 15.6-inch, 1080p display, a Core i7-9750H CPU, 12GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD and a GeForce GTX 1650. That is twice as fast the 512GB SSD in the larger model (463 MBps). I could make out each flavor of ice cream being sold out of a truck in the background of one scene. ThinkPad T14 Secure Access / Healthcare Edition Gen 1, ThinkPad T490 Secure Access / Healthcare Edition, Smart Tab M10 FHD Plus with the Google Assistant, Smart Tab M10 FHD Plus with Alexa Built-in, Smart Tab M10 HD (2nd Gen) with Alexa Built-in, Smart Tab M10 HD (2nd Gen) with Google Assistant, Tab M10 FHD Plus with the Smart Charging Station, Tab M10 HD (2nd Gen) with the Smart Charging Station, Tab M8 HD for Business + Smart Charging Station, ThinkCentre M715 Tiny Thin Client (2nd Gen), ThinkSmart Edition Tiny M920q for Zoom Rooms, Intel Core i7-9750H (6C / 12T, 2.6 / 4.5GHz, 12MB), 32GB Optane Memory Integrated with 512GB SSD M.2 2280, 15.6" HDR 400 FHD (1920x1080) IPS 500nits Glossy, 3Y Premium Care with Onsite upgrade from 1Y Depot/CCI (5WS0T73708), 3Y Onsite upgrade from 1Y Depot/CCI delivery (5WS0K76356), 3Y Depot/CCI upgrade from 1Y Depot/CCI delivery (5WS0K76347). In comparison, the 14-inch Yoga C940 has a Core i7-1065G7 (Ice Lake) CPU and integrated Intel Iris Plus graphics. Alas, both Yoga C940 models have the same ports — and there aren't many. This is a 2-in-1 laptop that gets things right – not hard to expect since Lenovo has made a ton of 2-in-1s. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! NY 10036. And it's no wonder the colors look almost identical on these screens. These laptops sound fantastic thanks to their unique soundbar hinge. That's still $200 more expensive than the base 14-inch model but a great deal nonetheless. As with previous Yoga laptops, the Yoga C940 14-inch and 15-inch models are convertible 2-in-1s, which means they have a flexible hinge that enables tablet or tent mode. If you want a 4K panel, you can spend $1,539 and get the power of a Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. Lenovo's Yoga series laptops are some of the best portable devices you can buy. The displays on the 15-inch (105%) and 14-inch (104%) Yoga C940 cover the same range of colors on the sRGB gamut. One of the chief … Enter keywords to find the models in several ways. View Deal. You'll get big upgrades across the board by spending $1,299 on a 1080p model with a Core i7 CPU, 12GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD (available only at Best Buy). Those results beat the 120-wpm at 96% accuracy I typed on the 14-inch model. This model includes an Intel Core i7 1065G7 with Intel Iris Plus Graphics. In our real-world test, the Yoga C940 (15-inch) converted a 4K video to 1080p resolution in 11 minutes and 11 seconds, which is much faster than what the 14-inch model (19:32) needed to complete the same task. There are normal laptops and then there's the Lenovo Yoga C940. That said, there are some key differences between the 14-inch Yoga C940 and its 15-inch sibling that you should know about before buying one. When I cranked on Gallant's "Bone + Tissue," the bass tones had the same oomph on both laptops but sounded a bit cleaner on the smaller model.

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