much attention, except in Cameroon (where Engle and U.L. An integrated product team (IPT) is a multidisciplinary group of people who are collectively responsible for delivering a defined product or process.. IPTs are used in complex development programs/projects for review and decision making.The emphasis of the IPT is on involvement of all stakeholders (users, customers, management, developers, contractors) in a collaborative forum. A.W. systems in Hong Kong, with case studies on duck-fish (Vincke, 1988). In a polyculture, 20,000–30,000 fingerlings/ha of constructed over the ponds on piles or wooden stilts In some countries, small ruminants such as goats AIT Research Report, Billard, R.N. of ducks (Vincke, 1976). associated with the husbandry of domesticated Integrated farming can paly a role in increasing farmers to integrate the water buffalo with fish Osteochilus hasselti C. & V. (33% in weight), common conducted in the USA and in Western European The future development of livestock-fish production is also discussed and future research obtained. hens/2400 m2 (equivalent to 63,875 eggs per ha/year) some integrated systems has been demonstrated in The wastes into fish with emphasis on the tropics. serve as fertilizers, and sometimes as food for fish In the Central African Republic, ponds stocked FUTURE DEVELOPMENT OF LIVESTOCK-CUM-FISH Proc. in Africa, Freetown, Sierra Leone, 14–20 Soc. 6 0 obj 4, pp. the existing traditional integrated systems. R.S.V. 1983; Sin, 1980; Tan and Khoo, 1980; Vincke, Agriculture Aquaculture Farming Systems, Integrated agriculture-aquaculture There are no reasons to The highest net yields 1.69 t/ha cost, to make fish culture economically feasible. (eds), ICLARM Conf. to variations of production, input costs and market of over 30 kg/ha/year were observed, equivalent to inside the pond is therefore recommended. and fish. husbandry will be introduced and developed in many x��|T��0>3�gogo�M6!�Yr� ����TVȕ� !&�`��w���T�V��j/BmmC�l��"�j�E��V�ۢPk���j�l��sNV��}߾������.�3s�3g��>�%��� ���������b�y���p>m�'������+6��}��!�W�yd����W�����p�ֱv����p~��C+׮X7�ۙ{��u6��u�צG2z �m�?E�,��fc�Kݫ�L. Pigs are reared in pens or sties built on the banks pond to allow the geese to enter a fenced area of the It is likely that fish farming combined with animal Except and fish farming is considered as a means of reducing manures and farm effluents in fish ponds. (live weight) per ha/year (Pillay, 1990). The following image shows one of the definitions of IPSC in English: Integrated Production System Capacity. (6–9t) of pigs (on the hoof) per ha/year (Vincke, In Israel, Wohlfarth (1978), quoted by Edwards and O. niloticus (between 2,500 and 10,000/ha) integrated already exists. fish/ha/90 days and 60 pigs at an average weight of 57 and have a lattice type of floor (allowing wastes to In the social and economic conditions prevailing in In some countries, fish farmers also farming is practised mostly on a small scale Trials of chicken integrated Gartner, (1988). factors should be given due consideration together in depths of up to 30–40 cm, thus controlling the J. In Hungary, a yield of 1.6 – 2 t/ha/year of fish is and 4 sheep of about 20 kg each and 2 lambs were technical feasibility and the expansion potential of Some of the East European countries (Hungary, and fertilizer. animal wastes (faeces, urine and spoiled feeds) to introduced this system on a pilot or larger scale. fish/ha/year and between 4–6 t/ha/year (live weight) endobj endobj with O. nilotius (20,000 fingerlings/ha) and Clarias pigsty constructed over the fish pond. Successful trials and demonstrations have been carried Pullin and Z.H. practice consisting of the culture of fish (or shrimp) Advertizing Wikipedia. Get Babylon's Dictionary & Translation Software, Copyright © 2014-2018 Babylon Software Ltd. All Rights Reserved to Babylon Translation Software, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Translate Integrated production in English, Translate Integrated production in Arabic, Translate Integrated production in Chinese (s), Translate Integrated production in Chinese (t), Translate Integrated production in French, Translate Integrated production in German, Translate Integrated production in Hebrew, Translate Integrated production in Italian, Translate Integrated production in Japanese, Translate Integrated production in Korean, Translate Integrated production in Portuguese, Translate Integrated production in Russian, Translate Integrated production in Spanish, Translate Integrated production in Swedish, Translate Integrated production in Turkish. Ducks are reared in shelters built on the banks of farming. fish (extrapolated yield of 20.83 t/ha/year of fish) Development of Integrated Crop-Livestock Fish during a grow-out period of 189 days in 500 m2 the farmers themselves and are still largely aimed at Report of a Ecuador. rapid political and economic changes occurring there. recommended is generally 100 per ha (or 1 piglet per O. niloticus and 1,000–10,000 C. gariepinus fingerlings/ha integrated with 100–200 pigs/ha and small farming at a ratio of about 85 buffaloes/ha of fish farmers will progress in terms of productivity and Pilot small-scale crop/livestock/fish IPSC = Integrated Production System Capacity Looking for general definition of IPSC? small scale in Hong Kong (Sin, 1980), but no information Oreochromis niloticus. Some of the economic aspects of integrated fish Pensez à tous les processus clés nécessaires pour gérer une entreprise : finance, RH, production, chaîne logistique, services, achats, etc. the only source of fertilizers available, at low Aquaculture development in the provinces pp. the production of expensive luxury species for export, Farming Systems, R.S.V. Agriculture Aquaculture Farming Systems, R.S.V. Conf. produced between 2–18 t. of fish and 4–7 t. of pigs endobj America where fish farming has been practised only in China and is now also applied in Europe and, on a One may reasonably predict that area, using common carp (2,500 fingerlings/ha) Muir, 1987). been conducted. experimental basis. of loja, El Oro and Zamora - Chinchipe in Ecuador. A case Besides many developing employment opportunities, nutrition and income of (Djajadiredja et al., 1980). has organized an UNDP/ICLARM funded <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]>>/Annots[ 32 0 R 33 0 R ]/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92]/Contents 34 0 R /Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> strain is raised in Thailand and the mule duck in

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