just create an account. Women are under-represented in mathematics, yet the history of the subject is not exclusively male. The Promise of CCUS Technologies: Slowing Down Global Warming by Recycling CO2, Ventana al Conocimiento (Knowledge Window). The first abacus was probably created in China to help civil servants calculate taxes, wages, and engineering solutions. This field cannot be empty, Please enter your comment. Anyone can earn Hypatia worked with her father Theon to translate math texts into Greek. As precise as they are, the mathematical sciences stalled in the early 20th century with the debate about infinity, completeness and the consistency of theorems. The mixture of cultures, the museum and the library and the congregation of wise people from different fields made the city a benchmark in knowledge worldwide. 3,000 years ago, the Greeks started to look for rational explanations for natural phenomena and laid the foundations for geometry and arithmetic. Visit the MTLE Elementary Education: Practice & Study Guide page to learn more. courses that prepare you to earn Read the human stories behind the innovations, and how they made – and sometimes destroyed – the men and women who devoted their lives to… THE STORY OF MATHEMATICS. Humans have been tracking numbers and time for at least 20,000 years. 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