Scholars find and review the truth of the Crusades' influence on the world through the resource. The activity suggests the use of soothing... Students discuss, analyze, and interpret "Portrait of a Dutch Family" by Fans Hals and then create subject specific projects for assessment. This instructional activity was designed in response to a class struggling with Le Petit Prince. Save time lesson planning by exploring our library of educator reviews to over 550,000 open educational resources (OER). Learners plan a Hollywood blockbuster, complete with script and full storyboards, that cover important events of the French... Middle and high school pupils write about three scenarios using the proper French vocabulary. Then they describe how the family is alike and different. Thank you crazy_len for a great resource! This worksheet asks pupils to pick apart a sentence that uses some pretty advanced vocabulary by using three dictionary... Learners hone their drawing techniques to create a nature-inspired piece of art. As a class, they identify the shapes, colors and textures observed in the piece. A comprehensive online edtech PD solution for schools and districts. As they read, they must underline as many images related to their senses as possible and share their findings with the class. French Vocabulary - Physical description “Men to the left! Vocabulary for Physical & Personality Description in French . In partners, they practice chunking... Students investigate geometric shapes and beauty by identifying symmetry. This review sheet on the revolutionary and industrial eras provides strong questions to help ensure an understanding of the important events and people of the time. They'll listen to music as they cut, paste, and paint emotional works of art. Modeling Our Writing Style After Another Author's Style, French Vocabulary Physical Description Lesson Plans. Blonde? Eighth graders work in collaborative groups to research a country of their choosing. This is a platform for them to review the geography of France. This short presentation shows how the French describe the weather using the words il fait and the descriptive word. For this Naval history lesson, students identify and describe the different components of an 18th century naval ship after researching information on the Internet. Start by having the whole class sing the included song: Quel temps fait-il aujourd'hui. In this United States history and literacy lesson, students view several video clips about the French and Indian War and listen to the book Four Bullets Through My Coat. Froggy wants to know: what are you wearing? Students view and discuss two beds in the Getty collection and design and write descriptions of imaginary beds. They use a metaphor of students and a school principal to describe the strained relationship that developed between the colonies and Britain. Perfect for beginners in the French language, by the end of this lesson you will be able to talk about the physical characteristics of people. They examine the wars, including the French and Indian War and how they contributed to Revolution. Then, using a froggy puppet, discuss what you're wearing... Hit all the basics with this lesson plan, focusing on weather, greetings, and dates! In this art analysis lesson, students view examples of modern city art and answer questions for each example. Learners identify and explore positional/directional words as they relate to math. As one partner describes a member, the other has to... Work a few of these activities into your unit on jobs and professions for beginning French speakers. Students explore art and artists from a specific country. They discover what it was like living in an occupied country while increasing their vocabulary skills and applying the conditional verb tense.... A big part of understanding mathematical concepts is by mastering the vocabulary associated with those concepts. Although there is no real lesson plan included here, you could easily recycle the idea! This lesson has excellent project ideas for various student levels including: K-2, 3-5,... Students explore international trade and foreign exchange markets. Preview. LESSON WORKSHEET Support us on PATREON and get your Free PDF Lesson Worksheets to practice your French or to use with your students in classroom! I made these sheets to go with crazy_len’s interactive whiteboard presentation of the same name, although they can be used on their own. Sift through the ideas (a pre-test, lesson activity, and closing activity are all included), and include them in your own unit. It presents information on each of the activities the... Students describe their family in their new language French. Stage a meeting of the Second Continental Congress in your classroom, then utilize the abundance of worksheets and informational texts in this resource to analyze the major events and consequences of the American Revolution. Fifth graders use a number of activities to examine the events that lead to the Revolutionary War. French Lesson – Physical Description (French Vocabulary) We share the Support Guide on Social Medias. Students in a ESL classroom examine a world map and study the various countries' names. Students... Students describe the weather and temperature in the city, state, and/or country in which they live during the 4 seasons. They demonstrate an understanding of French adjectives by using appropriate written forms of adjectives when... For this vocabulary building worksheet, students enhance their personal vocabulary by learning words that begin with CH-blends. There are 10 short sentences to translate, and a short essay question is also included. Then, using... Learners describe the characteristics of the painting "Le Soldat" by Geroges Rouault. They ask and answer questions and write about a celebrity. In this vocabulary worksheet, students decipher the best word choice to complete the sentence. They examine the relationship the author has to the locals. Asking for a description They study a list of Internet businessmen who have made a financial bundle. Practice translating a series of sentences using food and shopping vocabulary. Group your kids in pairs, and distribute this resource to get them speaking! The Crusades sounds like a glamorous time period in the Middle Ages full of glory—but was it? Students complete 21 problems. In this Economics lesson, students explore the nature and history of international trade and examine the nature of imports and exports. The final minute of the video provides a quick... Oú est la cuisine? In this music history activity, students identify Aaron Copland by viewing images in a slide-show. Students analyze art that depicts the modern city and the effects the modern world had on artists. Note: This is the teacher's guide to Pimsleur's French lesson called "Describe & Compare." Eighth graders empathize with how colonists felt when they were taxed without representation. They... Students describe the characteristics of the sculpture "The Two Sisters" by Henri Laurens. They use adjectives, and proper gender. Introduce your beginning French language learners to describing one's physical appearance. This cross-curricular lesson is well-suited for Language Arts or Visual Arts classrooms and... Students examine the definition of a proper noun. Teach your Francophones different body parts by setting up your classroom like a doctor's office. An all-in-one learning object repository and curriculum management platform that combines Lesson Planet’s library of educator-reviews to open educational resources with district materials and district-licensed publisher content. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest. Groups use the internet to their country and plan a trip to that location. It does include one reference to a vocabulary list that is not included,... Students complete sentences using appropriate family names and terms in a target foreign language: French, German, or Spanish. Warm up your class at the start of the year by checking their ability to read and unpack dictionary entries. Introduce your young artists to the wonders of abstract nonobjective art through music. Learners... Fifth graders play a game of vocabulary bingo. Here are a few words you will need find useful to describe people in French: Physical Description (Body parts) le corps- body; la bouche- mouth; les cheveux- hair; les cils (masc. They match the French word with the English translation, and... Students identify the different parts of a comic strip and creat their own about the French and Indian War period. A review slide at the end prompts your class to practice using the new vocabulary words.

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