Mainland Greece covers about 80% of the total territory and is largely mountainous. panída fauna. It has a long coastline with the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, and includes the island of Crete and many smaller islands. Fauna is an old Roman Goddess of Prophecy and Fruitfulness, with ties to the forest and fields and the animals found there. [9] The Dadia Forest in the northeast is an important area for birds of prey, where four species of vulture are among the thirty-six diurnal species of raptor that have been recorded. [1], Much of the country experiences a Mediterranean climate with warm or hot, dry summers and the rainfall falling in winter. There are also several species of lampreys, notably three species of lamprey endemic to Greece; the Epirus brook lamprey, Greek brook lamprey and Almopaios brook lamprey. Greece's rivers are brimming with aquatic wildlife too, with a diverse range of endemic freshwater fishes, around 160 species were listed in 2015 [14]. The largest mountain group is the Pindus Range which forms the spine of the Greek mainland, with the highest peak rising to 2,637 m (8,652 ft) above sea level. This is characterised by maquis shrubland which includes the evergreen oak and the Greek strawberry tree, as well as the kermes oak, the strawberry tree, green olive, the bay laurel, the cedar, the Spanish broom and others. πανίδα noun. Here's a list of translations. The country is mostly mountainous with a very long, convoluted coastline, consisting of peninsulas and many islands. The wildlife of Greece includes the diverse flora and fauna of Greece, a country in southern Europe. About 450 species of bird have been recorded in Greece. Beside the resident bird populations, many migratory species visit the country as they move seasonally between their breeding grounds and their overwintering areas. It is a meeting point for birds of three continents, the southern limit for some species and the northern limit for others. [7], Ungulates found in Greece include the wild boar, the red deer, the fallow deer, the roe deer, the chamois and the endangered Cretan ibex. [5] Wetland birds are well catered for by a number of Ramsar sites such as Lake Kerkini,[11] the Nestos Delta,[12] and the Evros Delta and their freshwater marshes, lakes, brackish lagoons, saltmarshes and mudflats.[13]. Within the cyprinid fishes, there is an endemic barbel; the Evia barbel, found only on Evia Island, critically endangered and suffering from increasing droughts and barriers to movement. [6], Larger, carnivorous mammals found in Greece include the European wildcat, the Balkan lynx, the red fox, the golden jackal, the grey wolf, the Eurasian brown bear, the American mink, the least weasel, the European polecat, the marbled polecat, the beech marten, the European pine marten, the European badger, the Eurasian otter and about twenty species of bat. Greece is a country in the Balkan Peninsula of southern European, and lies to the south of Albania, North Macedonia and Bulgaria, and west of Turkey. The country's tallest mountain, Mount Olympus is further east, and rises to 2,918 m (9,573 ft) above sea level. [3] By June 2018, the number of species had been revised upwards with 6,695 taxa being listed, consisting of 5,828 species and 1,982 subspecies, belonging to 1,073 genera and 185 families. The large Peloponnese peninsula, in the south of the country, is separated from the rest of the Greek mainland by the Corinthian and Saronic Gulfs, but joined by the Isthmus of Corinth. Greece was connected to western Turkey during the Pliocene era, and the two countries include many identical plants among their flora.

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