The superb Furch guitars= company will make you an acoustic with a 48mm, 45mm, or 43mm nut width. Yes! As much as I’ve ogled Eastwood guitars for a good many years, I’ve stayed away as most of the neck specs on your guitars are (to my hands) a skimpy 1 5/8″. Having now owned and played many guitars, the most comfortable neck for me is what I’ve seen referred to as a “Soft-V” neck, which is deeper/thicker than the “shallow C” neck that electric guitars often have, but it’s not any wider. Another point regarding wide neck guitars that I think warrants a mention is: Wide necks are wonderful for playing fingerstyle. Just adding more space at the neck sides instead. Glad to see Eastwood recognizing the market for wider neck guitars as I really like them. Wonderful low action too. Hi, Is this guitar with the Nut spec of 2-1/8" currently available for Purchase ? I once had the chance to play a Del Vecchio Dinamico (now THERE’S a rare guitar, Mike……….jus’ sayin’) and went wild for the 2″ nut width. Well… first look at your hands, then let us know! Scale length 648mm (25.5″) ... Will weight and nut width need to be considered? I have an Eastman t486b and I appreciate that my left hand doesn’t get cramped on it. (Phillips Cleartone Guitar Conversions). Big Lou makes a nice product, but just has a wide nut of course and tapers to a narrow bridge and pickups. There are brands who’ve been adopting the wide neck design, over the years, besides Gibson. The shape of the 2nd and 3rd finger from the middle joint is not straight from having them broken working and broken in fist fights when I was young. All rights reserved. I had a top luthier shave the thickness off face singlecut and you couldn’t tell that the guitar had any work done on it. Because it sounded great. Profile is important, folks. TIA. So it wound up sitting in the case for a couple years, until I sold it to a buddy… for about 1/2 what I paid for it. Also MUCH prefer 12″ radius to 9.5 or rounder. Seeing the topic of wider necks is music to my ears (and fingers). Thanks, Both are 1 + 11/16 at the neck but we’re only available in wide / thick. Flamenco players prefer wider necks on their nylon string guitars so they can play faster. When it arrived, and I first opened the case, I was very happy. Thanks Mike. To be totally blunt about it – fatter people have fatter fingers, and it can (sometimes, for some players) make it harder for  them to play a guitar which has a narrower neck. Looking back, perhaps Gibson had the right idea, but just dealt it the wrong way, by having all their 2015 models being made with wide necks – thus depriving their customers of choice: there is indeed an increasing market for wide neck guitars, no question about that… but it’s not for everybody! Gibsons (eg. I’d love that on a 6 string! That’s right – 0.1″ of difference that’s enough to make someone simply hate an instrument! I play both acoustic and electric, mostly fingerstyle, and am much more comfortable with extra space on the fingerboard. I got a Big Lou strat, A regular guitar may have a width at nut of 1 11/16″, while a wide neck would have a width at nut of 1 7/8″, for instance. It is a question of my big fingers on my fretting hand and their shape. Some of the higher end Japanese Takamine’s are available in 45mm. For years I struggled with tiny guitars and my playing suffered a lot. I love it. I have a Gordon Smith Gladiator (Strat-ish style) guitar, built in 1991. Also know the difference between “wide” and “fat” necks. Please click here for important information regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus. Visually, at a quick glance, many people might not notice any difference in some cases, but the relationship between the player’s hand and the fretboard is so crucial and subtle, that just a matter of tiny millimetres can make a huge difference – the difference in fact, between you loving a guitar or maybe even loathing it! NOTICE: Please turn on Javascript in your browser to enable Checkout and other features of this website.

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