I actually used to work at Taco Bell … As for vegetarians, the chain tried to assure them that there are still plenty of options. This Copycat Taco Bell Quesadilla Sauce is creamy and spicy and tastes JUST like the original. Taco Bell fans, get ready to bid farewell to more longtime menu options. https://www.delish.com/.../a25136891/taco-bell-quesadilla-recipe The chicken quesadillas are one of my favorite items to order off the menu at Taco Bell. Had a 3rd one today. Maybe I'm on high alert from the E7 massacre but I'm not liking the changes. Just a few days later, the same Reddit user posted again, adding that Quesaritos may be sticking around — but only as mobile order exclusives. The only thing that really makes a Taco Bell quesadilla different from any other quesadilla on the street is the Taco Bell Quesadilla sauce. And the cheesy burrito seems to be mostly a quesadilla rolled up with some extra stuff added. If Taco Bell is really taking the potatoes off their menu entirely, 2020 will have actually been the worst year of my life. Taco Bell fans saw the message as the latest in a stream of terrible events in 2020 and, even without the chain confirming anything, began lamenting the loss of some of their favorite foods. Taco Bell is getting rid of cheesy fiesta potatoes, no one talk to me for the rest of the month. I don't like that vinegar taste at all... Just to make sure I'm not misunderstanding, if I order no Jalapeno sauce and they will give another sauce instead that tastes more like how quesadillas used to? Taco Bell is streamlining its menu to make operations easier during the coronavirus pandemic. The normal quesadilla has always had creamy jalapeno, and the shredded mini chicken quesadilla/shredded chicken quesadilla melt have the chipotle sauce. Is Taco Bell's Quesarito really gone for good? The sauce tasted sour. But 3 in a row??? Thanksgiving Steals & Deals are here! Green Sauce - Regional Did your local Taco Bell previously offer green sauce as an additional customization option? "Taco Bell is simplifying its menu to streamline operations and make ordering faster, safer and easier than ever for customers and team members, especially while the pandemic has shifted priorities to the drive-thru and digital," the rep told TODAY via email. Though the chain remained silent for several days after the Reddit post first surfaced, on Friday, a representative for the chain confirmed that at least four items are being removed from the menu in August. Same taste, I hated it. dude this resonates with me as a big consumer of "the melt". Get the best news, information and inspiration from TODAY, all day long. I haven't seen any green sauce behind the counters in ages in my market. Others simply said they think it's a bad business move for the chain. Not only is there a new drink, but there’s a new bundle to go along with it. It will also be adding new items. Even better, it’s so easy to make with standard pantry ingredients. Poblanos for mild, hatch or regular green … They used to have green sauce on the line back in the 90s MAYBE early 00's, then switched to green sauce in packets behind the counter. I won't be having another. It’s my guilty pleasure. Taco Bell announced that it has completed its menu revamp and will be cutting items made with shredded chicken and the Mexican Pizza. Save up to 85% on gifts from small businesses. Taco Bell is taking away fiesta potatoes, they’re about to be BajaBankrupt. 10¢ extra overall and I get to keep a stockpile of creamy for my own quesadillas at home. Starting this August, Taco Bell will have a smaller menu. Also, the green sauce behind the counter was not the same as Salsa Verde packets. I guarantee Taco Bell doesn't carry cream cheese. My favorite go-to item is a cheese quesadilla. In honor of National Taco Day, here are 13 discontinued menu items from Taco Bell. I haven't seen any green sauce behind the counters in ages in my market. Every box includes two crunchy tacos, a Grande Stacker and a Baja Blast, which can easily be substituted with a Dragonfruit Freeze. Taco Bell fans saw the message as the latest in a stream of terrible events in 2020 and, even without the chain confirming anything, began lamenting the loss of some of their favorite foods. I get them with no chipotle and a side of creamy jalapeno. But I know that an overload of the sauce rubs me the wrong way. get the mini melts for $1. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, many restaurant chains have announced slimmed-down menus to help streamline service with fewer workers. I don’t work there, but I’ve had a few where they’ve mistakenly put chipotle sauce on instead of creamy jalapeño sauce. This is a copycat recipe for taco bell quesadillas. Taco Bell is removing three more items from its menu on Nov. 5 in addition to those announced in July. These quesadillas are topped with cheese, chicken, and a spicy sauce. Vegetarians seemed especially distraught by the thought of Taco Bell axing menu items without meat, like guac and chips or potato dishes. These new changes will appear on menus nationwide on August 13. I LOVE Taco Bell. However, some new items will be appearing, including a beef burrito for just $1, plus the Grande Nachos Box (which is $5) is returning for a limited time. A member who claimed to be an employee of the chain (and has a “verified employee” mark next to their username), wrote that “all potato items,” as well as Quesaritos, Loaded Grillers, Triple Layer Nachos, Nachos Supreme, Beefy Frito Burritos and many more items were being dropped from the menu mid-August. Watch TODAY All Day! The cause is sufficiently sweet and goopy that if they use too much it puts the whole thing (sandwich?) Taco Bell’s quesadilla sauce is creamy, full of flavor, a little tangy, and just spicy enough (not to mention downright delicious). The first one I shared with my wife and she said "this one tastes weird", It did. Our Food Innovation Team has spent time carefully crafting a new and improved recipe, now including flavors of fire roasted green chilies, pureed jalapeño and hatch green chiles to ensure it has an extra kick that pairs perfectly with any menu item. On top of that, Taco Bell will be testing out a Quesalupa in Knoxville, Tennessee later in September, as well as a “green sauce” headed to select markets on November 5. AKA – The creamy jalapeno sauce, or CJ sauce, as we used to call it when I worked there. The representative confirmed that the 7-Layer Burrito, Potato Bites and Loaded Grillers were among those items retiring. https://cookingwithjanica.com/copycat-taco-bell-quesadilla-recipe Some people really did not take the news well. BELL BEEFER. Social media erupted earlier this week when rumors started swirling about changes coming to the taco chain. The second one was near my work and I thought it tasted sour and sharp, the creaminess of the sauce was gone and it was a bit like vinegar.

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