I am the Editor-in-chief of XDA. If you use hotspot functionality a lot to connect your laptop to the Internet, then you may like what ColorOS 7.1 offers in terms of hotspot connectivity management. oMem: This “smart memory management” technology is supposed to “[recycle] resources from inactive apps so that the system can run more smoothly.”, oSense: This “smart scheduling mechanism” is supposed to “[give] priority to front-end and user-related threads for quicker response times.”. MIUI 11 vs ColorOS 7: design When it comes to the design, the ColorOS 7 offers more beautiful UI than the MIUI 11, as the ColorOS 7 offers more lightweight icons and … Most movies and television shows are shot at 24 or 30fps, but with MEMC, they can be played back at 60 or even 120fps on the OPPO Find X2 and X2 Pro. You can also show the data usage in the notification drawer in case you’re worried about hitting your monthly data cap. The ColorOS 7 is the latest operating system newly released in November for OPPO and Realme phones, while the MIUI 11 is the latest operating system newly released in October for Xiaomi and Redmi phones. This feature can be toggled in Settings > Additional Settings > Keyboard & Input Method. You can’t disable the fingerprint animation. Instead, this simply prevents them from being cleared when you hit the “clear all” button in the recent apps overview. The amount of information you can get from Smart Assistant pales in comparison to what Google Discover offers, especially if, like us, you use a lot of Google services. You can, however, record video from the front camera while recording audio. Now, there are four additional smartphones to take the number to 33. Disclaimer: OPPO is a sponsor of XDA. Restarting your phone maybe once a week can help if your phone starts to feel unbearably slow. There are 4 buttons: Record, Settings, Close, and Minimize. It’s not a true replacement to the notification LED, though, since Screen Light Effects do not repeatedly light up, meaning it’s possible you’ll miss it the first time. In Settings > Convenience Tools, you can also enable a shortcut to launch Google Assistant via a quick hold of the power button. Privacy features that don’t really add anything. In addition to breaking news on the Android OS and mobile devices, I manage all editorial and reviews content on the Portal. I also do screen recordings on occasion, which is one area where OEMs excel at but Google fails at. This is more of an issue with Google Photos than with ColorOS 7.1 to be fair, but it was unnecessary for OPPO to place screenshots under DCIM, which is supposed to only contain photos taken from the camera. I am also skeptical of the talk about customized APIs in UFS+ and the need for game developers to hook into Hyper Boost—I don’t think very many apps or games will take advantage of these features just to improve performance on OPPO devices. True global theme. In Settings, you can also change the default selfie orientation, enable a tap on the viewfinder to take a photo, show a watermark with the device name/location/time, and toggle video quality settings. The night mode has a dedicated tripod button to allow you to take longer exposure shots. You can also tether via USB or Bluetooth. But then OPPO announced ColorOS 7 based on Android 10, and it was clear right off the bat that OPPO had made huge improvements. ColorOS 7.1 adds a lot of features and customizations on top of Android 10, but here are the situations where I think they went too far: OPPO’s approach to automatic frame rate adjustments. OPPO removed the double tap power button gesture to launch the camera app. Customizable gesture control for any Android device. OPPO showed me data from their lab tests that show that the Find X2 Pro saves between 30 minutes to approximately 1.5 hours of battery life when using the smart 5G features versus continuously maintaining 5G connectivity. You still have to slide to change your brightness. Smart 5G features – Thinking ahead of the curve. If you don’t want your nosy roommate to snoop on your phone, then you can lock certain apps behind an additional layer of security with App Lock, available in Settings > Privacy. ColorOS 7 review: Slick, smooth and everything in between! There are too many variables at play here before this feature would be useful. When it comes to system updates, Oppo is doing quite well. The brisk design is just like the name of the design director of ColorOS 7 Chen Xi, whose “borderless” design style can be called a “hidden” path. UFS+: OPPO talks about “customized APIs” for “app developers and device makers” that aim to speed up loading times and app installations. Here’s a list of features/changes that I found to be most useful: With the growth in mobile gaming, it’s no surprise that OEMs have put a large emphasis on improving the gaming experience, though how that’s done differs from company to company. Additional permission control and privacy settings. The quality settings are quite limited, at least on the OPPO Find X2 Pro—you can only go up to 1080p at 14Mbps. The Edit option brings you to the Photos app where you can edit the screenshot by cropping, rotating, blurring, and more. With the extra frames inserted into the video, certain content will appear visually smoother. ColorOS 7 also brings some features specifically for the Indian market. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. Here are a few of my choices: There are a lot of other minor issues that I have with ColorOS 7.1. ColorOS is OPPO’s custom user interface on top of Android. Sure you can find all of these through third-party applications or on YouTube, but it’s nice to have this tool right at your fingerprints from the moment you turn on your device. OPPO publishes downloads for all its ColorOS releases. You can limit how many devices can connect to your network and also set a data limit that, when reached, disables the hotspot. It also adds an overlay to your games so you can quickly access basic functions and read important messages from apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Thus, these features seem (or rather, are) unnecessary for the vast majority of users. OPPO wants this change to appear subtle rather than visually jarring, and it definitely works. Thus, this software-based facial recognition is not as secure as the Find X’s implementation, but fortunately, OPPO lets you decide if you want to use it for actually unlocking the device. You can access all hidden files in the Private Safe by going to Settings > Privacy > Private Safe or just your hidden photos by opening the Photos app and long-pressing on the “Photos” tab. If you get a notification while viewing fullscreen content, such as videos, then the heads-up notification is shown in a tiny, mostly transparent bar. If you prefer how things used to be, then you can change the volume buttons to control the ringer volume in ColorOS 7.1. ColorOS 7 has changed the way to use smartphones as it is faster, smoother, catchy and simple. I’m no fan of beautification features, but my mother definitely is, so it would be nice if this feature could work in apps like WhatsApp, Viber, or Google Duo. In the launcher settings, you can set the icon style to either the default ColorOS option, Material Design style, “Pebble” style, or use the custom “Art+” icons that can even be further customized to change the icon shape, rounded corner radius, or icon size. Tapping on the mini screenshot preview that appears brings you to an editor UI with 5 options: Share, Doodle, Edit, Long screenshot, or Delete. ColorOS 7 is indeed the beginning of a new life. I had to use a third-party app (SystemUI Tuner by XDA’s Zachary Wander) to enable Demo Mode. For instance, you can choose to delete the original screenshot after editing and saving it, take scrolling screenshots, use gestures to take screenshots, and take a partial screenshot. (Update, January 25: Our Realme 3 Pro has Realme’s version of ColorOS 7! What this means is that the color temperature of the Find X2’s display actually changes based on the surrounding lighting. The Recent Apps Task Manager is unnecessary but doesn’t get in the way. You strangely can’t disable the volume key, though, so you’ll have to be careful how you mount the phone on a tripod. Apps like Discord and Reddit aren’t on the list, and hence when they’re in the foreground, ColorOS forces the display to operate at 60Hz. If you want to only use more secure authentication methods, then you can disable facial recognition for unlocking and only use it for App Lock or Private Safe. This is hilariously overkill at a maximum speed of up to 5.9Gbps. What’s more, you can also combine the facial recognition and fingerprint unlock so that your device will only unlock when you satisfy both authentication methods.

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