I AM the special effects. Wiz: Numbers aside, this was a pretty even match. Machine name Boomstick: YES! Boomstick: You're dumb as hell! His movies are awesome! Cage: You recording? Copyright © 1996-2020 RPGamers Network         Disclaimer / Privacy Policy         22,082,792 pages served. Captain Falcon in the Smash series is heavily inspired by Kamen Rider, a Tokusatsu franchise. But Johnny is no way deterred. The F-Zero champion wastes no time in landing blow upon rapid blow on Cage before knocking him back out of camera view and onto another platform. in the bottom left corner of the camera footage, the clock moves backward, shifting from 12:14 PM to 12:13 PM. Wiz: To most of the world, Falcon is a legendary racer and household name, but that's about it. Boomstick: And Captain Falcon, the racer turned bounty hunter on the track of F-Zero. We got Ninja Mime, Citizen Cage, Brokenose Mountain, and my personal favorite, Tommy Scissorfists. Rather, Falcon seems to possess some limited form of pyrokinesis. He's closely analyzed all of the F-Zero races. It's possible that the character is a reference to Tails from the Sonic series. Boomstick: Yeah, when he hit that tough son of a b*tch Black Shadow. (Forever he will be my hero) Boomstick: The dude's strong enough to chop through a human head, a chunk of titanium, and even diamond! He survived a blast from a rocket launcher, but even more notably, he fared better against Black Shadow than Zoda did. Johnny Cage: Those were $500 sunglasses, asshole. (Forever he will be my hero) The burning falcon is in the shape of Captain Falcon's symbol while also alluding to the Falcon Punch, while the clapperboard is a reference to Cage's acting career. They land on the White Cat, where Falcon bull kicks Cage and sends him onto the Blood Hawk. This is the first Warner Bros. VS Nintendo themed Death Battle, with the next one being, This is the seventh Fighting Game VS Non-Fighting Game themed episode, after, This is the third episode that was originally a Community Death Battle, after. Swiftly, he tears off his tuxedo, bearing nothing but his shorts. Wiz: This isn't my first rodeo. In retaliation, he nut punches the Shokan warrior, making him groan in pain. Johnny is launched backward after getting a faceful of knee before he is sent forward by a boost pad. Whenever he found himself in trouble, he needed a go-to technique to get out of it. Boomstick: Shinnok's full power is a bit tricky to lockdown, but he's pretty similar to Raiden, who fired a blast that obliterated this huge temple along with his enemies. F-Zero's freakin’ awesome! Aliens are everywhere, we're travelin’ through space, and best of all, there's a brand new sport in town: An intense mix of high-speed racing with anti-gravity techno whatsits. Falcon lands safely on the road right next to Johnny's dismembered arm. Off the track, Captain Falcon is actually an accomplished bounty hunter, dedicated to a mission of saving the universe from the vile forces of Black Shadow. More than enough to level an entire city block. 8 Puuuunch!!! Oh... it's the only movie that ever really made me cry. Furthermore, both have access to powers from ancient sources that enhance their abilities; Cage's war cult powers and Captain Falcon's Reactor Might. Falcon: Hey! What are the turn-the-tables combos for an online noob? Color 2 Accounting for empty space, the amount of electricity needed to fill this area must equal at least one hundred fifty-one billion joules of energy. He of course worked on other racing games like Daytona USA and Sega Rally 2006. ! Forever he will be my hero. Captain Falcon's Theme. (Forever he will be my hero) The camera then zooms out to get a view of the cameraman's host, Hollywood action star Johnny Cage. Falcon quickly gets up and combos Cage before launching his foe ahead of him with his foot. Luckily, he's no ordinary stuntman. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. That's more than thirty-five times faster than the Bugatti Chiron Sport, the fastest car in the world. Check it out. Wiz: Let's compare some of Johnny's best feats to Falcon's. I live here! ...Did he just explode the galaxy?! Boomstick: And anyway, Raiden's final explosion attack is nothing compared to the raw power of the Reactor Might under the Blue Falcon's hood. It's gonna be a pretty sweet gig for --. Boomstick: But he never got tired of defending Earthrealm from the forces of ugly. Boomstick: Now, you might be asking, "What's a Reactor Might?" Unsurprisingly, Sega composer Takenobu Mitsuyoshi worked on Virtua games; one of them being Virtua Racing. But it's the logic and reason that keeps fear away. Special! OK. We're at the F-Zero Grand Prix, snagging some clips for my latest flick! (And now that I'm not just a dreamer) Wiz: Sort of. Wiz: Either way, as impressive as these techniques are, they pale in comparison to his greatest and most famous,,. When I think of him I see no fear Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle. Did you say YOU'RE the next Falcon? (And I know I've got what it takes) This song really touches the soul, and it really gets me energized. Color 4 And now that I'm not just a dreamer. Forever he will be my hero Boomstick: And as a bonus, Falcon carries dynamite powerful enough to blow up this giant weather machine. Your favorite music track in each Smash game. I must be in the minority here when I say this is my least favorite song on the website... Captain Toad, Boy and Blob, and Chibi-Robo for Smash Ultimate! With the power of the Reactor Might, the Blue Falcon can go Beyblade with a move called Boost Fire! He then proudly takes off his scarf and lets it fly in the wind. Yeah, you're looking at the next Captain Falcon! Falcon starts rapidly spinning his vehicle to overpower Johnny, who screams in pain before he is launched into the air. Each new inheritor is chosen by the current Falcon, who seeks a worthy hero who can surpass him in skill and ability. He uppercuts Falcon hard enough to crack his opponent's skull before tapping into his green mystical powers to punch the racer forward and deliver a devastating Shadow Kick. Age I like games and anime. This guy could tank hits from a hulked out super alien no problem. Johnny Cage was voiced by Kieran Flitton and Captain Falcon was voiced by Kestin Howard. Captain Falcon: Wooahh... You... Ugh... Uhd...Who'd...Oagh... Ugh! Wiz: While Captain Falcon did accomplish his mission and rid of the universe of Black Shadow's tyranny, it took more than one man to do it. Popup: It took the power of multiple Reactor Mights to overload and destroy the Dark Matter Reactor. Wiz: Well, don't get the wrong idea. From a safe viewing platform, a cameraman observes the racers in their vehicles speeding across the circuit. While suffering from intense rug burn at first, he stands up and jumps on the boost pads to gain continuous momentum. Boomstick: That's the same as dropping twelve elephants on old horn head here, and over three thousand times stronger than Johnny's diamond smash. That's, like, a hundred sticks of dynamite in one. Boomstick: He's also got horrible taste in style. And not just on a fall tonight Cage: That's who I'll be playing! I know you wanna stare me into the ground. Popup: Its possible the explosion would have been even greater if Black Shadow had not forced the Reactor Might to close. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Despite Cage’s crude and downright juvenile behavior, he proved worthy enough to be a champion of Earthrealm. And now that I'm not just a dreamer You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Captain Falcon makes a return appearance in the sequel, still in his incarnation from F-Zero X.This time, he is a default fighter, and as before, one of his alternate costumes is Blood Falcon in both coloration and the logo on his suit's back. Boomstick: Just calling it like I see it, Wiz. Boomstick: Aw, yeah! Black Shadow later used his Reactor Might powers to detonate a massive mountain. The explosion from the attack sends the actor on the ground dizzy. I'm gonna fight The speedy Falcon Kick, the unpredictable Raptor Boost, and Falcon Dive, where he humps people so hard they explode. Theme Lyrics. Which gaming platform are you currently making the most use of? Popup: While unrestricted Elder Gods like Cetrion have shown powers implying planetary level capabilities, this does not directly scale to Johnny or even restricted and fallen gods like Raiden and Shinnok. Cage stands up smiling and points his thumb down. Therefore, Falcon can summon his vehicle to his side at any moment. Falcon dodges the next two projectiles that take out the Black Bull and Golden Fox before landing on the Blood Hawk to kick his opponent. Boomstick: Aw, that's way less epic. Even I can feel the power If there's another way for you to break down. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale, https://deathbattle.fandom.com/wiki/Johnny_Cage_VS_Captain_Falcon?oldid=1100723.

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