They would certainly be edible after defrosting and wouldn’t make you sick, but I’m wondering if the pastry would lose some of its texture and/or taste? To help this on a cold winters morning, I popped my mixing bowl of flour into the oven (preheated to 180) for 5 minutes, until it read 22°C on my digital thermometer. Make it easy to serve as an appetizer or at a party :), i’ve never heard of these before but they sound incredible! And lucky you (I’m not jealous, much!) Have you got any AIR FRYER RECIPES,?? Thanks from Hobart Tasmania Our little Islans State has borders closed to everyone and no covid for 2 months now so we have normal activities but maintaining distancing, antibacterial hand wash everwhere and of course hand washing. (damn time consuming, but worth every single moment for that crust!). Absolutely brilliant explanation. OMGosh! I popped the papers back on for the photos for that very reason! Home-grown veggies, our hens’ eggs, foraged wild foods & local ingredients. I love that they are individual serving size pork pies! This leaves you with a gap between that delicious, buttery pastry and the meaty bit in the middle. I buy pork pies in England for my ex-pat friends in the Netherlands. Janie x Its been ages since I had a British Pork Pie – these look even better than the store b/restaurant ones I ‘ve had – that crust is fantastic! Thank you again for sharing! Filed Under: All Recipes, Baking, Dairy Free Recipes, DIY & Foodie Gifts, Frugal Recipes, Giveaways, Packed Lunch Ideas, Pie Recipes, Pork Recipes, The Kitchen. I do have an air fryer – but don’t think I’ve ever really shared many recipes. Brush the overhang area with the beaten egg, and place the lids on. Easy to follow, and very clear. Dan, you’ve made my day! Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice. - Make It Like a Man. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Read More. Bake a comforting steak pie with tender meat, a deeply savoury gravy and molten blue cheese for an extra hit of flavour. Janie x, Hi Jamie. We have an award winning old style butchers n pie maker in the next village. Have to try these delicious Pork Pies. I know a lot of people freak out about the jelly in a pork pie. Mix together the pork, sage, salt & pepper. The ultimate makeover: Steak & kidney pie, Steak & roasted shallot pie with a mustard crust. And it all layers up those flavours into a decadent, savoury treat. Their recipes varied wildly. Gently bring to a boil and when the lard has melted, pour into the flour and salt mixture. Preheat oven to 425°F/220°C with rack in the center of the oven. Hi Cheryl! To fill that gap, and add extra nutrition to the pie, a thick stock would be made by boiling up the bones or carcass of the animal used. In warmer weather, it would be advised to use an ice pack or two to keep them cool. When the pies are full of stock, return them to the fridge to fully cool again. Along with cheap sellotape, cheap bin bags and cheap aluminium foil, cheap processed meat products are 100% not worth the saving. This easy family feast only takes 15 minutes to prep. They’re a labour of love but well worth the effort :) :<), Absolutely! June 29, 2012. Quick note: don’t season the meat until your pastry is made and ready to fill. Sieve the flour into a large, ovenproof mixing bowl and pop in the oven to warm. It is essential that pork reaches a minimum of 65 to be safe to consume. Doesn’t sound terribly appetising I’ll grant you, but the end result is just magnificent. Juices may bubble out of the hole in the top (more about that in a mo) leaving a caramelised top. I’m a little proud of how my pies turned out. I just which I had some picalilli or branston’s pickle to go with it! Get yourself a group of makers and spread around the love, reduce the work load and pick up tips. Just made these on Thursday as a special request from my husband for his birthday. That’s a really handy hint Peter, thanks for sharing! The pigs trotter was most often used for this stock as it is so gelatinous. They come clean and in no need of any work. and i am loving the jelly in them :-). My friends say they’re just fine once thawed. Don’t worry though, the meat will still be moist and tender inside that pastry mini oven! When ready to eat, cut the pie into wedges to see your work of art, and enjoy! I like to split the trotter halfway through the cooking time to allow more of the gelatin to be released into the cooking water. That’s brilliant news Jenny! Bake the pies in the preheated oven for 20 minutes. Hey Chris, thank you so much for your comment! In days gone by, when refrigeration was primitive, that gap could have posed serious health risks. I did mine in mini spring form tins (not high enough really for that traditional look) and released them half way and continued baking. The debris can be disposed of and any extra stock can be frozen in ice cube trays and used in sups, stews and casseroles to enrich and boost nutrition. When at room temperature, move to the fridge to let cool fully. Once cooked, drain well, keeping all of that wonderful stock. Living the real-food dream on a Cornish smallholding. Thanks for this recipe! British pork pie, hand raised pie, Pork Pie. And the best bit, the base becomes almost crispy with caramelisation. A good massage to blend in the seasoning and it was good to go. Janie x. Brush the pies generously all over with egg wash. It’s usually eaten cold, and consists of a thick and crumbly hot water crust pastry encasing a pork filling. This meat pie is an incredibly traditional British pie. Been eating the pefect far from humble pork pies fro there for years etc. This is the first time I’ve made pork pies, and I wanted to make them the old fashioned way. British Meat Pies. Janie x. Hot Water Crust Pastry is not a commonly used recipe in British kitchens these days. I seasoned it well with dried sage, salt and pepper. My question is, being a fan of heated foods, are these pies always served cold, or could they be served warm if a little less jelly was used? So glad you enjoyed the making and the eating! Pork pies are a classic British lunch food. PS happy birthday to your husband x Combine steak, chips, red wine gravy and wild mushrooms, then wrap it all up in a pie crust to enjoy one of the best mash-ups we’ve ever come up with 3 hrs and 50 mins More effort I truly hope you recreate it in your kitchen too. Oh Leanne, this is a fabulous message – thank you! Cut a slice and dig in. Looking for meat pie recipes? Replace this into the mixing bowl with a tea towel over the top to keep the heat in. Turn oven down to 350 degrees and cook 1 hour more or until center registers 150 degrees on a meat thermometer and pastry … I am going to make them for my boyfriend who is English. Next time will be easier due to knowing how the pastry reacts. I’m going to have them another go now using your tip – thank you so much! British Meat Pies. I am going to have to try making them myself this year. Beautiful flavour amd texture. Try beef cheek and lamb or ox kidney is this sumptuous pie with homemade pastry. This off-cut will be 'lid' to your pie or pies. And great question! Great recipe, so easy to follow and brilliant results thank you! Also i got weeping from the filling, which made attaching the lids tricky. The perfect comforting family meal for winter, our beef pies are loaded with rich gravy and flaky pastry. Then reduce the oven to 160, and continue cooking for a further 50 minutes. I trimmed all the tough-looking bits off, leaving the softer fat and of course that delicious meat. Thank you! As there would be a stronger possibility of bacteria getting up to no good and spoiling the meat. I’ve never made pork pies, aspic or worked with hot water pasty before and nailed it.

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