It’s $25. Well, look no further. But with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the one that's right for you. The better a brush is at detangling the hair, the less stress there is to the hair shafts as well as the scalp. Hair care is multifaceted and we want you to have access to the best options for treating the hair from start to finish, day in and day out. Being a long standing and trusted hair care brand, you can be sure that their suggestions are safe and sound no matter what your hair type is. Verb’s blow dry brush is one of the more highly vented options out there. Should You Apply Concealer or Foundation First? This brush still delivers in the department of detangling and adding shine even without using a smoothing product at the same time. The paddle brush from Agave has a wooden handle and back that is made from bamboo. For some people this is a plus since it is a more natural alternative to a plastic hairbrush. Makeup artists say you can just add the coverage where you want it without creating a mask of makeup. Most traditional paddle brushes are solid and do not have vents in them, but we do have a couple options on the list that do. Not a fan of allover foundation? Using the paddle brush for the remaining 20 percent of the hair dry is also going to make that portion go more quickly than it would have if you were using a different type of hair brush during that process. The more air that can flow towards the hair during a blow dry styling, the quicker the drying process will be. The design is intentional for creating an above average drying experience, and it manages to do so time and time again. This medium density brush (there are around 140,000 tiny synthetic bristles up there, believe it or not) works with even the fullest coverage foundation for a perfected yet realistic look. Choosing the right hair styling products to use with a paddle brush is going to be ideal as well. Shaving a few minutes off the drying time regularly can meet. Drying the hair with the use of this styling brush can make the hair look sleek or voluminous depending on what sort of style you’re going for. Women with thick or curly hair will do well with a brush like this since it can detangle even the tightest curls after a good night’s sleep without creating any additional frizz. It's specially designed to work with creamy formulas, so save it for blending foundation sticks or creams. Choosing the right hair styling products to use with a paddle brush is going to be ideal as well. Fenty’s foundation brush is shaped like a paw so that you can apply liquid foundation with the full coverage of a paddle brush and with the blending abilities of an airbrush. Sign up for gear and gadget updates and giveaways. Use the pointed side for foundation or concealer application, then blend it out with the fluffy side. The different materials that a paddle brush is made with will affect its weight, and since they are already a bit larger than the average brush that is something to consider for ease of styling. Since the intention for styling with a paddle brush is generally to, Here are the top five paddle brushes to buy in 2020, Agave HEALING OIL Smooth and Shine Paddle Brush, The paddle brush from Agave has a wooden handle and back that is made from bamboo. Women's Health may earn commission from the links on this page, but we only feature products we believe in. The more air that can flow towards the hair during a blow dry styling, the quicker the drying process will be. Required fields are marked *, Paddle brushes are one version of the hairbrush that every woman must…, Some men can get away with air-drying their hair since there isn’t…, Many women want to add some curl or volume to their hair…, Cooler bags are great backup coolers, excellent for when you need to…, For musicians, creating a unique sound is about more than just picking…, Cats are known for their cleanliness, so why do litter boxes make…, Men will probably never care about getting the best shampoo for themselves…, Paddle brushes tend to be at least twice the width of other hairbrush styles if not more. Look for a dome foundation brush with short or medium bristles, and soft synthetic fibers. Here's How You Should Be Using Every Brush In Your Makeup Brush Set. They have a restorative hair oil called Ghost Oil that can smooth frizz as well as prevent the fading or changing of hair colors as they fade. Women's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Agave’s healing oils are lightweight and non greasy so they aren’t going to weigh down the hair as you style. The feathered tip of this fluffy foundation brush picks up less product than a dense version, and it gently buffs the foundation over your skin for a no-makeup makeup look. It does not tug the hair at all and it allows for the space that the hair needs to flow through the brush while still having plenty of space for the air to go through as well. You want the paddle brush to do its job, but you also want to be able to keep your grip on it while it goes to work. The shape of the paddle allows for more hair to be spread out and reached by the heat at once. How can a paddle brush speed up the drying process? The brush looks and works a bit differently than the other paddle brushes that we’ve mentioned. This is why choosing the right hairbrush can not only make the hair look better in the moment of styling, but also down the line as well. Hair that is short or thin often doesn’t get the same sort of boost the longer or thicker does, and it can be harder to spot treat with a large paddle brush. The design of this brush and its teeth makes blow-drying the hair incredibly easy and free of tension. If you're noticing some streaks, try a stippling motion to smooth them out. While you should still wash this version frequently, the bristles are antibacterial and infused with charcoal to help give your makeup routine a hygienic boost. The best foundation brush can make a big difference in the way your foundation looks. This might not matter to some people, but for those who find the heavier wooden brushes to be a bit unwieldy during styling then this can be a huge plus. It’s around the same size as the other paddle brushes on the list, but in this case there is going to be a lot of airflow going on. It also comes with caps so it won't gunk up your favorite toiletry bag. The domed top works well to buff cream, liquid, or powder foundation into your skin. The tightly packed bristles smooth foundation over your skin to hide any large pores or uneven texture. Bonus points if it can make the user's complexion look anything like RiRi's. The rounded tip helps you apply the product evenly, and blend it in for a natural, airbrushed effect. Some people find the vented paddle brushes can help to speed up their blow dry time, while others prefer the sturdy nature of the vent free brushes. Since the brush is made with plastic and has so much venting it is going to be the lightest brush on the list. They’re great for quickly brushing through the hair as well as complete styling the hair when getting things nice and sleek is on the agenda. The more evenly distributed the product is, the better the desired outcome will be. It can help increase the strength of the individual hair strands, as well as make the overall hair color appear more vibrant. Aveda’s wooden paddle brush is similarly priced to the other wooden paddle brush we mentioned at $27. It generally costs $35. Since the intention for styling with a paddle brush is generally to get the hair smooth or straight, they pair well with oils or smoothing serums. Many people are drawn to the appeal of natural products as opposed to using harsh chemicals on their hair, and using oils to treat and style the hair is one great way to accomplish that. The classic shape is great for getting into hard-to-reach spots, like around your nose or under your eyes. A few drops of their Agave Oil can be used for help with detangling dry hair, or a little more can be used to completely style wet hair from start to finish.

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