At least we haven’t tested it with any other flour. I will attempt making them again. While I recommend it, I’m all about sharing simple substitutions so feel free to substitute almond flour in its place. So to know if they’re done, stab it with a fork and if it easily pierces into the centre of the potato, the inside is most definitely tender. But, please bear with me for a moment as I attempt to absorb the fact that we’re 2 days away to the end of the month. These muffins are made with 1:1 gluten-free flour and you can sub the pumpkin for sweet potatoes in this recipe if you’d like. **Half of a sweet potato for breakfast is already pretty filling, but the recipe can easily be doubled, tripled, and so on if you’re feeding more than 1-2 people at the table. All I can hint at this moment is that the upcoming month for me will say a final goodbye to a lifelong chapter – or should I say book? Este tipo de contenido tiene el propósito de ser utilizado en relación a eventos que sean de interés general o periodístico (por ejemplo, en un blog, libro de texto, periódico o artículo de revista). I can’t wait to make them again! You can also melt the coconut butter on a stovetop. Coconut flour is a hard flour to substitute because of the way it absorbs liquid. Leftover sweet potatoes and ripe bananas come together to create these perfectly textured, high-protein, Paleo-friendly, Grain-Free Sweet Potato Banana Nut Muffins. The Real Food Dietitians is the passion-driven product of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists Stacie Hassing and Jessica Beacom. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. It’s always nice to stock the freezer with a few re-heatable items – and muffins are great for that. Just started following you and I am loving what I see ****Here’s a tip: you can bake extra potatoes at the same time (I actually baked these together with my from week 2 of July), so that you can chuck them in the fridge and heat them up the next morning or two for another super easy and quick breakfast! By adding a little protein powder to this muffin recipe it helps to balance out the nutrition and provide an adequate source of carbs, protein (10 g) and healthy fats. The texture was perfect. Ideal para proyectos del día a día. Delicious! Learn how your comment data is processed. Leftover sweet potatoes and ripe bananas come together to create these healthy Grain-Free Sweet Potato Banana Nut Muffins. {{ t('more_than_one_credit', { zero: calc.totalCreditCost }) }}. I saw you mentioned it in the post, but I didn’t see it in the recipe. Nuestra colección básica. 2) The consistency of almond butter tends to be different from brand to brand. Sign up to get your FREE recipe eBook + weekly newsletter! This will make it look oh so aesthetically pleasing to the eye and (of course) taste even better in your tummy. Made these muffins and they were the BEST! Thanks for a nice treat that’s healthy as well. A sweet potato has more calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, vitamins C and E than a banana; however, a sweet potato does have more sodium. To make your own coconut butter you can process unsweetened coconut flakes in a food processor until a butter is formed. If tackling this task in the microwave, microwave in 30-second increments until drizzle consistency is achieved. She’s a co-founder of The Real Food RDs and content creator of simple and wholesome recipes. Baking times may vary depending on the size of the potato. I use one that is more on the runny side. Hi Deb. I do however know that our Gluten-free Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins as well as Gluten-free Pumpkin (or Sweet Potato) Muffins can be made egg-free and nut free.

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