However, the anise seed has a more pungent flavor. Some call this Roman Fennel. The plant, sometimes called Florence fennel, has the texture of celery but a slightly licorice-like flavor. Sweet fennel oil usualy contains slightly less anethole, 70-90%. Note also that true anise seed is different from the star anise, which is an entirely different spice popular for use in Asian cooking and that comes from an evergreen tree. Anise is an herb that’s quite often used in western herbal products. The EO of staranise is usualy the cheapest, sold in lots of stores, so I would start there. Because of its sweet taste, anise is found primarily in liqueurs, baked goods ,and candies. Both anise and fennel belong to the Apiaceae family. Star anise is the star-shaped fruit of a tree -- a member of the magnolia family -- native to warm-climate areas of southern China and Indochina. Ah licorice! Both the anise and fennel seeds produce an oil known as anethole. Sure, they both have a licorice flavor profile similar to tarragon or star anise (no relation to P. anisum), but they are completely different plants. True anise, an herb in the parsley family, produces small seeds with a potent, licorice-like flavor. This is the key difference between fennel and anise. Anise vs. Fennel. Anise Seed (or aniseed where I come from) is smaller, darker and gives a more immediate anise hit, but it fades quickly. Both anise and licorice taste of the flavor licorice as they both contain the … Anise vs Licorice – Just Why Do They Taste the Same? These two seeds have a flavor similar to licorice. Fennel seed is two or three times larger and paler. Anise is a remedy for several ailments including: All these oils and the pure aromachemical have (of course!) When you chew it, there's little flavour at first, but then a wash of anise flavour comes in. Despite the similarities in their name and flavor, anise and star anise are two very different spices. Fennel and anise also belong to this spice group, and they share a similar taste profile as well as both plants have similar features. Some cooks, however, prefer using the anise seeds while some prefer to use the fennel seeds. Its flowers are star-shaped and it is commonly called star anise. In addition to the licorice flavor, star anise offers a mild bitterness and an herbaceous quality that helps to differentiate its flavor from that of anise seed. Anise has a sweeter taste and fennel has a little more delicate and woodier taste. Realise that a lot of oil sold as "anise oil" is actualy star anise oil. The major culinary difference between anise and star anise is that anise seed is potent, with an almost spicy flavor, while star anise is subtly milder. They have similar licorice-like flavors. Fennel seed comes from a bulb that can be eaten as a vegetable or used as an herb, while anise seed comes from comes from a bush with no other parts that are used for culinary purposes aside from the seed. It is also the source of flavors in other spices such as the star anise and tarragon. While both fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) and anise (Pimpinella anisum) are native to the Mediterranean and both are from the same family, Apiaceae, there is, indeed, a difference. Both seasonings contain anethole, the licorice flavoring found in minor amounts in other plants such as fennel and caraway. Anise vs. Fennel. Read More I think fennel tastes a … The Anise seeds and the Fennel seeds are spices that are very similar and they are used interchangeably by many cooks, especially Indian and Italian cooks. Star anise is … Anise (Pimpinella anisum), is in the aster or daisy family. If you have ever wanted to know whether anise and licorice are from the same plant because they taste the same, or just why your herbal teas are licorice flavored but contain anise instead of licorice, then read on to learn more. But anise and fennel are two different plants and the botanical name of anise is Pimpinellaanisum whereas the botanical name of fennel is Foeniculum vulgare. Key Difference – Fennel vs Anise Spices are primarily cultivated for the edible leaves, stems, barks, flowers, or fruit components, and they are essential flavoring agents mainly in South Asians diet. Despite the similar flavor of anise and fennel, they are used in many different dishes. Anti-Inflammatory. Typically, fennel seeds are a little more short and fat, while anise seeds are a little thinner.

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