"ACTS OF THE APOSTLES" Chapter Twenty-Two OBJECTIVES IN STUDYING THIS CHAPTER 1) To explore Paul's address to the Jerusalem mob 2) To understand how Paul used his Roman citizenship to avoid scourging 3) To observe Paul taken before the Sanhedrin council SUMMARY Paul addressed the crowd as "brethren and fathers" in Hebrew. 9. 2. How does Paul both relate himself to, and distance himself from, the desires of the crowd now stirred up against him? Acts 22 Bible Study - Detailed questions, answers and guide for an in-depth, verse-by-verse Bible study of Acts chapter 22 in plain English that everyone can understand. 4. What did Paul say he was? 1. Who did Paul address in his speech? 3. Acts 22:6-16 4. Where was he born? Acts 22 Bible Study Questions (Handout) ACTS 22:1-2 1 “Brethren and fathers, hear my defense before you now.” 2 And when they heard that he spoke to them … 8. Who was his teacher? 5. How does Paul establish his “credentials” as he begins to speak to the crowd? 3. What did the word brethren reveal? Where was he raised? 2. (Act 22:17-21) Paul describes his first visit to Jerusalem after his conversion. 5. What is so unusual about these Jews? 7. Whom does Paul call upon as witnesses to what he is saying? Acts Bible Study Discussion Questions Chapter 22 Acts 22:1-5 1. Why does it say they kept silent and heard Paul? c. Acts 22:14 is a wonderful capsule of the duty of every one before God: To know His will, to see the Just One (Jesus), and to hear the voice of His mouth (His word). 6.

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