Generally, you should use the most current router as your primary router. All AT&T U-verse transport types use 802.1x authentication. Here is a link on Amazon and the price is very low: So what you should do for best performance is do the following on the NVG599: Then plug your other Uverse receiver and WAP into the GS205 switch: I asked AT&T the same question a while back and they stated the only suported AP is their residential gateway. That firmware update added SSH (secure shell) access with hardcoded credentials of admin name "remotessh" and password "5SaP9I26". Place your router in a central location, and away from walls; avoid masonry or metal furniture, which blocks the wireless signal more than wood or glass. No matter what you will need this device to bring internet into your home. Obstructions from walls, furniture and nearby materials impedes your network's effective range. A router cascade means that 2 or more routers are connected to each other through an Ethernet cable. 5. One the Oribi I left auto channel selection set that way it will pick the best channels for your devices. For Base Host Port, enter "1". BGW210 vs 5268AC - which is better? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The recomendation is to have the Orbi be the primary router in your home and setting the RG as IP passthough to your Orbi. If you click on that it will ask for the password of the NVG599, enter it and you will be on the firewall page. Do you have any suggestions on how to configure the system without the switch? Place the router closer to the ceiling than the floor. Texas-based information-security firm Nomotion has found five serious security flaws that could let hackers take over your network, inject ads into the websites you view and even directly attack devices on your network. What does this do functionally? … The Residential Gateway model is a Motorola NVG599. These flaws don't seem to affect the Surfboard line of cable modems that Arris markets directly to consumers, but we've asked Nomotion for clarification.). This would allow your Orbi to be the router and firewall to all your private devices and uverse devices would directly connect to the RG either wired or wireless. Thanks in advance for any further help you can provide! So you are basically going to have two wireless networks running. The RG is AT&T's Uverse Modem, called a Residental Gateway. What are the instructions for replacing the RG with the Orbi as the Router? There was a problem. With the interference cleared up, connect the router to your U-verse modem via Ethernet cable. IP addresses are best assigned via DHCP. Just leave it on, and configure it so it is different then the primary router. No matter what you will need this device to bring internet into your home. Consult the user's manual or manufacturer's website to learn more about how to log in to your router's configuration page. I tried connecting the AT&T WAP to the Orbi base unit but that didn't work at all. Change the secondary router's IP address so that it is different from the primary router's IP address. Go into the firewall tab of the NVG599 and you should see a sub tab for IP passthough. This means that the Oribi now has the public address. In the Service Name field, enter a name of your choice — "Bypass Block" might be a good one. BR500 VPN Currently Experiencing Intermittent Connectivity Issues. One of the network devices shows on the status screen, Home Network Devices, should be your Orbi router. Never place your U-verse router near a microwave or cordless phone. See disclaimer. U-verse Pace 5268AC is $87.60 more expensive than the average modem ($99.89). Vulnerabilities 2 and 3 affect the web-server feature on the NVG599 model.

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