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Can I attach guttering?

Every Shade Shed is designed with a 75mm overhanging roof, so it’s simple and straight forward to attach a guttering kit. The ridges on the roof run from front to back, so the rain will run either off the front or the back of the Shed (depending on construction method).

Can I enclose it?

Shade Sheds are engineered to only have 2 sides enclosed to maintain the appropriate wind or cyclone rating. If you require the sides of the shade shed to be enclosed inform your sales representative and you can be quoted for additional wall sheeting.

Do I need council approval?

All Transportable Shade Shed products come complete with an engineered set of plans which can be used for council approval. Our products are designed with the features to allow the sheds to be a transportable unit, however it is the customer’s responsibility to apply for council approval.

Do we deliver Australia-wide?

Transportable Shade Sheds have stock depots throughout Australia. We transport our sheds to most areas ensuring our product arrives to the customer in the same condition as leaving the depot. We also provide very competitive freight cost along our delivery route. Call +63 998 994 9673 to discuss freight timeframes and cost.

Does it come with a warranty?

Transportable Shade Sheds is a registered Queensland Building Services Authority (BSA) member. Every product manufactured by Transportable Shade Sheds comes with a 10 year structural warranty and a 10 year warranty on the Colorbond Steel.

How are they anchored to the ground?

Hold Down Options - Shade Sheds and Canvacon Sheds

Saddle Plates - Saddle plates are dyna bolted to a concrete slab. Used for more permanent structures. Four saddle plates are used for 6m x 6m shade shed or canvacon shed.

Hold Down Pegs These ground anchors are great for semi-permanent installation in good cohesive soil. Used for shade sheds and canvacon products and can maintain wind ratings below.

  • Temporary W41/N3 - 6 hold down pegs (Standard wind rating for most areas around Australia)
  • Permanent W41/N3 – 8 hold down pegs (Standard wind rating for most areas around Australia)
  • Temporary W50/C2 – 8 hold down pegs (Cyclonic wind rating for sheds predominately along coastline from Rockhampton to Cairns)
  • Permanent W50/C2 – 12 hold down pegs (Cyclonic wind rating for sheds predominately along coastline from Rockhampton to Cairns)

Concrete Pier Kit - for a more permanent installation. Footings are concreted into the 450mm round and 600mm deep hole. For details on installation see our installation guide.

Hold Down Options - Quickshade

Concrete Pier Kit - for a more permanent installation. Footings are concreted into the 450mm round and 600mm deep hole. For details on installation see our installation guide. Comes in a set of four maintains a W50/C2 cyclone rating.

Ground Anchors - great for semi-permanent installation in good cohesive soil. Comes in a set of four maintains a W50/C2 cyclone rating.

Swage Bolt – plates are bolted to a concrete slab. Used for more permanent structures. Four swage bolts are used a quick shade which will maintain a W50/C2 cyclone rating.

Rock Feature – Designed specifically for the Quick shade this rock feature is visually appealing and provides an easy to move hold down option. Perfect for temporary structures and maintains a w50/c2 cyclone rating.

What are the payment terms?

Customers are required to pay for the goods before the products are delivered to the customer. We have Eftpos facilities which can be processed over the phone or we except cheques to Transportable Shade Sheds Pty Ltd. EFT option also available.

What colours can I have the roof and flashing?

A standard shade shed comes in Zincalume sheeting and flashing. This can be upgraded to our original Transportable Shade Sheds colour range or to Colorbond© steel roofing and flashing available in full designer range of colours for a minimal price.


What is is a global network that has the international buying power to source and select smart products and services worldwide. Its aim is to keep up with the changing face of business, allow any person the choice of solid business models and eliminate roadblocks for any potential business owner. is based on twenty-five years business experience and its smart business practice means increasing growth and profit margins for all participants. Unlike franchising models, Saver6 is facilitating business collaboration that is built on products and training combined with healthy partnerships and the freedom to grow. Saver6 is focused on combining strengths for financial rewards for each and every partner. Essentially, the global online platform improves the effectiveness of doing business locally. has many competitive business advantages that enable its customers to stay ahead of the game through innovative and collaborative future focused systems.

Is it expensive?

No. Our unique business model, allows you to pay off your trailer for a fraction of the cost of a franchise and there are no franchise fee’s ever! You will have access to distributor wholesale prices for our products which you can increase as your business expands while also adding your service cost to customers. This allows you to well and truly cover the small repayment on your trailer package. We would love to see each of our Trailer Owners selling 2-3 Shade Sheds a week.Plus, it’s a complete tax deduction* Popular franchises charge up to $10,000 a year, after you’ve actually bought the business. Because this is not a franchise, there are no on-going costs or kick-backs to Transportable Shade Sheds. Once you have your trailer, you have our support and you are ready to make some money and grow your new business.

* New laws have passed that allow small businesses to claim an immediate deduction for assets they start to use – or have installed ready for use – provided each depreciable asset costs less than $20,000. This will temporarily replace the previous instant asset write-off threshold of $1,000. This measure starts 7.30pm (AEST) 12 May 2015 and will end on 30 June 2017

What do I get?

Apart from the purchase of your trailer, Transportable Shade Sheds will also provide all resellers a 6m x 6m Shade Shed, wind rated and engineered to your region, tools required to construct a Shade Shed, two days’ orientation on the beautiful sunshine coast all completely free of charge. As a branded business, you will also get 12 Months Small Business Membership.

Am I stuck to one territory?

No. Transportable Shade Sheds will ensure that all regions are covered, so that all customers can be serviced and our global image isn’t affected negatively. As our product range grows, so will the requirement of resellers. This way, our business, your business and our customers will be looked after and the product will be available to all. There is no stipulation that you have to service only one area. Being your own boss, we encourage you to think big and would be excited to see how big you grow your business.

How much time is required to run a Small Business?

One of the best things about this unique opportunity is that it’s your business. We understand that this opportunity means different things to different people. You may be looking at getting out of the mines, and need a back-up plan. You may want to have a better lifestyle and earn a little extra money on the weekend. You may want to take your kids to the on a holiday once a year, but your current financial situation doesn’t allow that. You may have always wanted to be your own boss, but the idea of marketing, social media and bookkeeping scared you. This opportunity now gives you the chance to change all that.

Can I still run a Small Business with my existing job?

Yes! We are looking to build long term relationships that will grow, not boom and bust. If you have a job already and not quite ready to take the leap of faith into a fully-fledged “Business Owner”, this opportunity can still work for you. The beauty of a Small Business is that a lot of the behind the scenes work is being done for you. You still have the time to get up and go to work each day and build your own business in the background. Eventually, we would love to see all our business owners make that transition from “employee” to “business owner” even if that takes 3, 6 or even 12 months!

I already own my own business, can I still take advantage of this opportunity?

Yes! We have found that adding a Small Business to an existing business not only generates extra revenue, but actually helps builds your original business. Did you know millionaires has an average of 7 revenue streams? You might be in an unrelated business industry right now; this opportunity could be the start of something big for you. It could be the catalyst for you to stop working in your business and start working on your businesses. Your group of businesses can work cohesively, while the Small Business support network is building up the Transportable Shade Sheds product range for you. You will find that your existing customers become new Shade Shed customers and your Shade Shed customers engage you to do work from your other businesses.

Am I “locked in”?

No, the reseller agreement is current as long as you wish to continue selling the products we offer and all clauses in the agreement are adhered too. You have the option to cease business with us at any time, with 30 days’ notice in writing. We are looking at building healthy, long term working relationships with our resellers as this will both benefit our businesses as well as yours.

What are the current and standard turnaround timeframes between order placed and delivery?

Some products are kept in stock, so turnaround can be available on the day of the order. We have a 3-day turnaround for all standard shade shed orders manufacture to dispatch. Industrial Sheds, Dangerous Goods Storage and custom orders will on a case by case basis. Delivery times will vary depending on location. We have our tilt tray service that operates Landsborough to Townsville, on the Sunshine Coast QLD and as required for bulk orders. You may decide that organising your own freight arrangements is something you wish to undertake.

Does someone come to the outlying/Regional areas for networking, support updates?

When we have implemented our reseller / distributor network, we have plans to offer mentoring / networking sessions around the country. These will be available for all small business owners to attend. We are also open to attending at least one field day or major show event with each reseller. You will also be invited to attend events with us, whether they are in your area or outside your area.

Would it be cheaper freight to order in bulk?

Generally speaking, yes, depending on the exact product ordered.

How are the installations costs worked out?

If you are offering the installation services, you can set your own rate. We are happy to provide a guide for you if you are unsure, however this is a service that your business will offer, so we do not stipulate a set price for this. A typical walk-in walk-out assembly for a 6m x 6m takes about 3 hours on site. Of course, not every job is that straight forward but the product is very easy to assemble. Check out our video on youtube - Click here

How do I get paid?

As your own business, “getting paid” solely relies on how much revenue you can drive through your business. Transportable Shade Sheds have partnered with because we share a vision that through hard work, effort, and global thinking, great things can happen. Although you have access to a great product range and you have free marketing and support with you still have to successfully operate your business to get paid. As your supplier, Transportable Shade Sheds offer a range of products to our resellers at a wholesale price. Through this opportunity, your business can sell them. You have to invoice your customer for each sale and supply us with a purchase order for that same product. The difference between your buy price and your sell price is your revenue.

Do customers pay upfront?

Traditionally, yes, but ultimately, this is up to you. Transportable Shade Sheds offer a range of ways to complete payment and these will be made available to you. On a typical sale, we require payment for good upfront. However, we also have a “Shade Now, Pay Later” offer available where you can pay a deposit, agree to the reoccurring payments and these can be deducted from your bank account or credit card. Our strongest recommendation is to at least have the customer pay you, what your costs are. That way, your never left out of pocket and the customer can pay the balance on completion of the job.

Do I need an ABN number before I start?

It’s a legal requirement to have an ABN if you wish to start and trade under your own business.

What kind of services do Saver6 offer?

We have worked with to develop a small business strategy that we believe will work. this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Webpage and Email set-up
  • Brochure creation
  • Video creation
  • Direct mail outs
  • Facebook Page set up & monitoring
  • Social Media promotions
  • Lead generation
  • Bookkeeping
Is there any incentive to help sell more trailers?

If you sell a trailer to a new reseller, you will receive a $1,000 proceeds of sale payment. All we ask is that you include us in the sales process.


We are the original and only Registered Business Brand Name, Transportable Shade Sheds. We designed Australia’s first and only branded name Transportable Shade Sheds in 2000 and started Transportable Shade Sheds in 2001. We obtained two innovation patents for the bend and swaging technology which has won the company numerous Australian awards which can be seen on our website. Customers beware that other products on the market have unsuccessfully tried to copy our bends to appear similar. These knock off products have been made using angle cuts and welds with potential join rust developing and weakened construction because they don’t have the technology to form a seamless bend with increased strength due to the angle. THE ORIGINAL NO RUST BEND SHADE SHED.

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